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Will You Be Proud of Me?


You know that feeling like everything is out of sorts, like your whole life is not quite what it should be? I know that feeling, and so does Katie. Katie’s words are a balm for those hidden places in your weary, wounded soul. Let her words sink deep today, friend, and believe this truth. We […]

The One Word You Need When Everything is Falling Apart


I stood in the middle of my kitchen, hands clenched, jaw clenched tighter. I squeezed my eyes shut and tilted my face to the ceiling. I didn’t need my eyes to see what I was looking for. I stood that way, something spilled on the floor, glitter all over, and dinner burning on the stove. […]

3 Keys from 36 Years of Marriage

36 keys

I bickered with my husband today. It was nothing major; I probably won’t even remember it in a few days. But there are fights I do remember. Ones that I wish never happened. They remind me of how hard this beautiful thing called marriage is, and how much we all need a little help along […]

Where Is God When Things Don’t Work Out?


There are headaches and there are heartaches. We are fine with grabbing two white pills for our head, but what do we do when our heart hurts? What do we do when the floor drops out and we feel alone? There was a ride at the fair that I used to love. It was a […]

How To Have Equally Yoked Friendships

Equally Yoked

For some, friendship looks natural and easy like taking a stroll on a nice day. That has never been my reality. Friendship is hard work, and often leaves me fumbling and awkward. I’m honored to welcome Bethany to share today about how we can strengthen our friendships. Ever participated in a three-legged race? Your leg […]

Have You Chosen Your Battle?

Have You Chosen Your Battle?

The internet leaves my head spinning. This may not be the best thing for me to say, but it’s the truth. But only part of the truth. Maybe it’s not just the internet. Bring something to this bake sale. Save a life — donate here today. Feed the hungry. Volunteer to teach Sunday School. Help […]

Why You Need to Let Go

Let Go

Once upon a time, when I was a teacher, September was my favorite time of the year. Everything was new and fresh. New markers, clean desks, a neat schedule on the board. I loved September, for about two weeks. And then the reality hit. The markers were already missing caps, the desks were full of […]

The Secret that Shouldn’t Be


I’m not a fan of secrets. It seems they are always hurting someone or leaving someone out or feeding that beast of rejection. A few years back I wrote a whisper here, something that felt like a secret, only I longed for it not to be.     I like my eyes. Shhhhh. Please don’t […]

Overwhelmed — Where to Begin

Add Overwhelmed

I look at the desk around me and I don’t even know where to focus my eyes. There are papers and binders and to-do lists and a computer and the list goes on. Everything seems urgent. How do you know where to begin? Maybe it’s not your desk. Maybe it’s your house or a big […]

When A Bridge Is Broken


There are some relationships that end, but linger in your soul for a lifetime. They are part of the fabric of who you are, for better or for worse, and no matter what you do you can’t erase them. If you did, you’d be erasing part of yourself. I wrote this post years ago about […]