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What I Learned Summer Edition

Learned Summer

I like this whole idea of looking back, this taking a moment to consider the weeks that just passed by and all that they held. It’s not about the events or the flurry of activity. It’s not even about the quiet moments. It’s a chance to stop and think about the impact of the month, […]

In Busy We Trust


One glance at my calendar and you’ll see more handwriting than white space. Sports, doctors, meetings, parties, holidays, and there always seems to be more. Even in all this “more” I feel like less. It’s easy to fall in line and run from thing to thing waving a flag to show just how important we […]

Why You Need to Throw Away Your Church Time Card

rose erkul

I didn’t go to church yesterday. I was sick. Yet somehow, I still felt guilty. Felt like I was not living up to my end of this Christian living thing. Because clearly, God is there for those who go to church. Right? Wrong.  Maybe that didn’t come out right. He’s there for those that come […]

5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Struggling – Part 4

5 ways to help someone who is struggling

We’re wrapping up our series today on how you can help someone without trying to save them. The last two pieces connect so well and they both make such a difference. Be A Friend This might be tricky, because every situation is different. It may mean listening and giving the person a chance to vent. […]

Flash Giveaway!

To celebrate the first Words & Thoughts book club, I am giving away a copy of our first book! Enter today for your chance to win a copy of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. You can also pick up your copy here and join us for Words & Thoughts on August 1st! Good Luck & Happy […]

5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Struggling – Part 3

5 ways to help someone who is struggling

Some people I love dearly are going through hard things. The messy hard that wrings you out and leaves you exhausted. There isn’t anything I can say to fix their situation, but I can help with the effects of what they are going through. And you can help someone, too.  Be Practical When someone is […]

A Lifeline of Hope


I talked to You today. Words pouring out pulling out from those deep places in me.   I wasn’t making sense, but you didn’t mind. You listened patient and let me be me.   In all of the imperfect real ways I get the words right, I get so many wrong.   And finally, I […]

Words & Thoughts (an announcement)

words & thoughts square

I’m excited to announce a new feature at My Ink Dance! An online Book Club! Words & Thoughts is not like other book clubs. Here, anything goes because not all the great words are bound in hardcover, and not all the thinkers are gathering monthly in living rooms and libraries. We can read great words […]

When You’re Overwhelmed by All the Bad

tj holowaychuk

As I write this, the news screams awful. Today it’s brutal shootings and unjust rape sentencing and a so many murders in a club, senseless violence and hate that I cannot, will not, ever understand. As you’re reading this the story is different, but the news is the same. So much bad. The world fills with stories of […]

5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Struggling – Part 2

5 ways to help someone who is struggling

Knowing how to help someone who is going through something hard is challenging. We often feel like we say the wrong thing or don’t want to be a bother. So we do nothing. But doing nothing doesn’t help. The second post in a series, this is something you can really do and it makes such […]