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When You Feel Lost

I’m 11 days in and I already feel lost. I purposely didn’t make resolutions, but I made bold declarations of JOY this year. As I write this it’s day 11 and I am not sure what I was talking about. I’ve been in a strange place. An unknowing place. Ironically, I originally typed unknown instead […]

When Life Feels Too Hard for Dreams

We see it all of the internet right now. What are your dreams for 2017? Dream big! What’s your word of the year? Set goals! You can have whatever you put your mind to! Except you can’t. With terminal illness on the horizon a person may only be able to dream about making it through […]

Do You Long to Travel but Feel Like You Can’t?

I used to travel. I embraced new places with joy and excitement. But then life happened. And now I head to the store or the school and wonder if I’ll ever leave a fifty mile radius again. Have you ever felt that way?   If there’s something preventing your globetrotting heart from leaving home, join […]

My Word-of-the-Year (And Why You Need One Too)

While it took me a little time to jump on the Word-0f-the-Year bandwagon, I’m so glad I did. Last year, I chose grace. I needed it. For me. It was that simple. And it made such a difference. I’m still holding tight to grace this year, and I’m choosing a new word for 2017. It’s […]

My Year In Review 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I find myself drawn to looking back before I look ahead. It’s more than nostalgia, but a desire to see where I came from in order to have a clearer view of where I’m going. My space here at My Ink Dance is no exception. I’ve grown this year […]

5 Ways I Gave Myself Grace This Year (And 1 I Didn’t)

This year was the first I jumped on the Word of The Year bandwagon. It takes time for me to catch on to new trends, plus I wanted to see if it had staying power. Turns out, this trend is around to stay, but more than that it helped me. About a year ago, I wrote […]

The Gift that Won’t Be Wrapped (A Note for My Kids)

Dear Kids, I know you’ll be happy this Christmas. The lights and the gifts and the family fun. You’ll love it. Probably. Mostly. I mean, you’ll enjoy parts of it. Because here’s the thing. I know you’ll be disappointed, too. Not in a rude, disrespectful way, but in a quiet, deep in your heart way […]

Why I’m Still Writing

The last few months have brought me face to face with a question that I’m still not sure I’ve fully answered. With every tap of a key or note jotted down I keep asking myself, why? I’m the girl who quits things. No, seriously. I am. Piano–quit. Violin–quit. French Horn–quit. And before you think it’s […]

Top 5 Christmas Joys

This is the time of year when we get wrapped up…wrapped up in the endless lists, the decorating, the fa la la-ing, school concerts, even the wrapping! I find myself moving away from lights and cookies and gifts to cleaning and shopping and grumbling — oh my! I was inspired by Lori Schumaker to look […]

7 Things I Am Sorry For

I’ve written a lot about being real. Living authentic and being true to who God made us to be is at the core of my message. Grace upon grace. I’ve even written about things I’m done apologizing for (which I still firmly stand behind and could probably add to). But in truth, I come across […]