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Is The Internet for The Pretty People?

It seems like the internet is for the pretty people. The ones with perfect hair and perfect hips. With green grass and appropriately big earrings. With holiday home tours and perfectly white teeth. Basically, not me. And I began to wonder about this virtual world we spend so much of our time in. Is it […]

The 8 Things I Want To Be

I started making a list of all the things I want to do. It felt like I would never stop writing. I needed something deeper. Something that wasn’t about tasks, but about the person behind the task. So, I changed the list. I made a list of all the things I want to be. 1. […]

5 Things I Learned This Fall

From Rachael Ray to pomegranates, comfort zones to television, this fall was full of things to learn. Comfort Zone I can do things outside of my comfort zone. I’m a home girl, and no I don’t mean that in the cool sense. I like my home, my people, my circle. I like the places I know and […]

What I’m Reading This Month

It appears I’ve been interested in a certain subject this month without even realizing it.   Have you ever felt like you were trying to find yourself? I think I’ve spent my entire life on this quest without always realizing it. The books I’ve read this month are no exception. Finished It: The Bookshop on […]

My Thanksgiving Prayer for You

This is for you, this is for me, this is for every single one of us. My heart for you, but more than that….this is HIS heart for each and every one of us.   May your thanksgiving be full of gratitude and grace!     Sharing words with these great writers today!

3 Things You Should Know This Holiday

The calendar squares are moving forward, faster and faster it seems, and the holidays are on the horizon. There could be family time and fantastic food, or a shift worked like any other day. Maybe you’re anticipating tension or drama that no turkey or twinkly lights can outweigh. Whether the holiday weighs heavy for you […]

How To Be Grateful (When It Feels Really Hard)

#30daysofgratitude #thankful #1000gifts It all sounds great, right? It’s easy to want to be grateful. But what about when her house looks so much better than yours? Or when you see the pictures from that other family’s fantastic tropical vacation? Or when she has that great new designer bag and yours is from Walmart? Or […]

I Don’t Need to Confess My Sins, Right?

There was glass everywhere. Those tiny shards that hide fifteen feet from where the incident occurred, from where things first became broken.   The little one looked up at her mama wide-eyed, shaking her head before her mama could even form the question. They both already knew the answer. “Do you know how this broke?” the mama said […]

I Lost Jesus

I stood in church singing and found myself looking at a cross I had whitewashed to go better with my life. I was singing the right words, even opening up my Bible more. Everything was good with me and Jesus. I had it all figured out. Until my shiny faith began feeling hollow. I found […]

I Want You to See Through Me

I want you to see through me Through the clothes that try so hard to fit my flesh, my heart, my place in this world. Through the skin that can never seem to protect from the things that really wound a soul. Through the muscle and fat and tissue that works so hard always playing a […]