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Who Are You?

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Who do you think you are? The voice whispers condescending in my ear. I know why it was a snake in the garden. It’s something about the hiss. My answer comes slow and quiet. On shaky knees I reply, “I am a child of the Father.” Are you really? Yes? Yes. But somehow the question […]

The End of a Friendship


There are times when a friendship ends naturally, organically. It’s life moving on and changing. But other times a friendship is purposefully terminated, ripped away and ended abruptly like a bad breakup in middle school. It’s been almost a year since a friend broke up with me. I haven’t talked about it much because it […]

10 Ways To Make Your Soul Breathe

soul breathe

Last week we talked about the one thing that you can do even when you feel overwhelmed, but then I realized that you can go further. You can take that one thing and go deeper to really reach your soul in the midst of the chaos around you. This is not a list to add to the […]

Links I Love

Links I Love

Sometimes we wander through this online world, taking things in, but never really absorbing them. There is so much greatness here mixed with all the loud. And we often get so laser focused on us and what we need to be doing and writing and sharing in this writer’s world. But we are just one […]

A New Kind Of List

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I made a list today. This isn’t a big surprise. I love lists, and I’ve even been known to make a list including something I’ve already done just for the joy of checking it off. (Maybe that can be our secret?) I think it’s my type A personality. I’ve made To Do Lists, Job Lists, […]

The One Thing You Need to Do When You Are Overwhelmed


I have some bad news for you friend. I hate to start this way, but I think it’s time someone told you. We’re never going to be done. Not on this side of heaven anyway. The lists will never end. The responsibilities will still be here. Chaos will swirl seemingly endless. But there is something […]

When Life Doesn’t Look the Way You Imagined


I never thought I’d be a stay at home mom. I went to school and got a few degrees because I wanted to work; I wanted to change the world. I was the kid that wrote a book about being the first woman president. I guess things change. Because here’s the thing. I’m going to […]

A 12 Step Program for Stuck Writers


Sometimes we all need to try something new. I posted my first story on Medium today. If you’re a writer, or have ever been curious about the process here’s a sample: Hi, my name is Becky and I am a stuck writer. They say admitting you have a problem is the first step toward freedom. […]

When Healing Doesn’t Look The Way We Thought It Would

rocky walk

I was eleven, which is longer ago than I care to admit. Even still it gives me goosebumps. I was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease that had left me unable to use my left leg. Crutches, strong pain killers and a device that sent electric current to stimulate nerves was how I got through […]

When Did Ordinary Become A Bad Thing?

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I sat there watching them give out awards. My daughter had competed well in gymnastics. The awards at the end were just a capstone to a great day. I waited for her age group, and as they announced the first award I heard them say, “In 18th place…” That’s when I stopped listening.   When […]