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How to Write When Life Happens

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The blog redesign is coming along. I’m learning about blogging even though I never wanted to. I’ve been working on my novel with my meager goal. Writing was moving forward.

And then last week happened.

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It wasn’t anything earth shattering, but it started with a virus turned sinus infection that wiped me out. Then someone close to me was hospitalized and I had to get better quick. I pushed through and life is moving on, but instead of feeling like I’m at least in the passenger seat I suddenly felt like I’m being dragged by my ankle tied to the back bumper.

Life happened. Not just everyday life, but hard life stuff.

And writing stopped.

I was making excuses at first. Those turned to simmering frustration and avoidance. Then today I realized that the hard stuff wasn’t the only thing that happened.

Grace happened.

Just like the hard stuff is here whether we like it or not, so is grace. But the difference is we have a choice. We can choose to look at the dirt in the road as we’re being dragged along or we can look to the sky and let grace pour down on us.

photo credit: pinterest

photo credit: pinterest

So my writing is choppy. It’s out of sorts and not well-organized, much like my life right now.

But it is words on the page.

And even the worst words are better than no words.

How do you write when life happens? Just put words on the page. Don’t look back at how many days, weeks, decades it’s been, just look at the page and write something.

And then let the grace rain down.

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