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Joy Under the Door

Sometimes life feels like a dark hallway with no windows. We fumble around, hand tentatively touching the wall checking how close the fire is on the other side.

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It can feel so hard sometimes, reaching, stepping tiny and unsure of when we will reach the end. Sometimes we are there so long our eyes adjust to the black and that’s all we think we’ll ever know.

Sometimes we forget there are doors.

And when we walk that hallway that makes us feel like we’re standing still without a reference for where we’re going or where we’ve been we need to remember to open our eyes.

Sometimes we walk so long in the dark we can’t tell if our eyes are open or closed.

But if we open up our eyes, open up our hearts we can see joy shines like a slit of light under a door. Sometimes that hallway feels like it could stretch the length of a football field, but still you see the tiniest sliver of hope.

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And suddenly we realize we can’t stand still anymore. That tiny slit of joy is stronger than a sea of darkness.

So it’s time. It’s time to stop stepping tentatively and start taking strides. It’s time to stop resolving to the dark and start pushing toward the light. It’s time to run the length of that dark, dark hallway be it a few feet or a few years. Move toward joy. And when we get there, open the door and let our eyes adjust to the light.

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