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Pounding Inside


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They pound wild inside like little fists punching the soft inner flesh of a mothers round profile.

The outside feels tight and taut but the inside feels like I’ve given birth a thousand times.

Still they fight their way out into a world too cold and bright to understand.

And I hold them in, taking the beating time and again.


I wonder if someday on a cold metal table the scars will be seen.

Scars left by a force more powerful than fists and sharper than knives.

My feelings rage, stretching, fighting their way out and they are mighty.

But I stand with jaw set and tears in my eyes taking it again and again.


I don’t crumple under their force, and I don’t cave to their whims.

I stand strong with my muscles tight, skin stretched over all that grows deep inside.

And the moment comes sharp and I breathe with resolve.


I finally release all that has pummeled me from inside.

Suddenly they are no longer mighty.

But I am.


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  1. On the complete flipside, I took encouragement from this as someone struggling with infertility. Those feelings are raging sometimes, but I know I can let them go because my soul and my God are mightier than my estrogen level.

    1. Becky Hastings

      God is so much bigger than our hormones and feelings. Sometimes I forget that and the feelings feel mightier. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks for being so real. Blessings!

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