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When Church Becomes An Idol

I’ve spent the better part of six years struggling with church. A challenging pregnancy made it difficult for me to attend our church for months, and when you lose sight of something for long enough your recollection isn’t always clear. I felt lost; I still do.

I walked around burdened by my “bad” Christian lifestyle of missing church. I wanted to fix it so badly I put finding a church before finding God. Maybe you’ve been there.

Or maybe you’ve seen the other end of the same struggle. The side where life revolves around church instead of God.

Either way we’re missing the heart of the matter. When we look at church to find God our hope is in man.

Sunday morning, Sunday school, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, conferences, worship team, prayer team, healing team. It’s easy to see why we can spend more time at church than we do at home.

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We can go through the motions of every single service and opportunity to serve, but unless we are dwelling intimately with God, it’s all for nothing.

I would rather go to church once in a while and live in Christ than be at every service and on every committee.

We were never meant to do everything, and the church, in its goal to worship and serve, may have overlooked the heart of it all. In our quest for bigger and more we, the church, may have missed the point.

I don’t think there’s an attendance book in heaven. So, why do we focus more on good attendance than we do on dwelling in His love? No perfect attendance award will ever be enough to honor and glorify God for all that He has done for me.

If I am going to church because I’m supposed to than I am subscribing to the notion of works.

If I do enough…

If I attend enough…

If I serve enough…

If we keep running forward to be enough, we miss the gift at our feet.

He is enough, and that makes me enough, it makes you enough.

And maybe my struggle to find the perfect church has come before my desire to dwell in His love.

Even good things can be an idol in our lives. Maybe it’s time for a sacrifice.

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