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Last Words

I was taught that you always say a proper goodbye and you never go to bed angry. What if it’s the last time you get to speak to that person? Make your goodbyes count because none of us have the promise of tomorrow or later.


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Can you hear the fear?

I can hide it in truth, but the root is fear. Because losing a moment with those I love is my biggest fear.

My words are always the same as I say goodbye to my kids.

I love you.

I want those to be the last words they hear if they are the last words we share.

But then I tack on one more thing: “Angels about you.”

It comes as easily as saying God Bless You or Amen. It’s a reflex and sometimes I wonder what will happen if I forget. Are my children any more in the palm of the Almighty God’s hand when I say these words, or worse yet, are they any less when I forget?


See, the words are less a cry to God for His legions of angels to protect my babies than they are a reminder for me. They remind me that God is in control and He will guard them because He loves them even more than I do. They remind my children that they are never alone and that God is there with them through whatever they may face.

My reflexive request may not change the course of what is to happen, but it does remind us that God is with them even when I’m not. And if He is there, we have nothing to fear.

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  1. Sweet prayer, Becky. I often pray the words of Psalm 91 over my family.

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