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31 days…

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Worthy. You are. Right here, this very minute.

I have a hard time believing it myself. But this month I am linking up with writers all over the web at 31 days, and I am choosing to believe that I am worthy. Each day I’ll update this post with a link to the most recent step on the journey of exploring our worth and what that means in real life.

Take a few minutes and believe that you are worthy.

Day 1: Me?

Day 2: 82 Years 

Day 3: Inversion

Day 4: It’s a Trap

Day 5: It’s a Stretch

Day 6: You Are

Day 7: Echoes from Yesterday

Day 8: Family Ties

Day 9: I’ve Made a Few

Day 10: I’m So Un–

Day 11: Love Becomes Fuzzy

Day 12: It Isn’t About the Flowers

Day 13: Little Things Become Big Things

Day 14: How Much?

Day 15: The Missing Piece

Day 16: Backwards

Day 17: Love Letter

Day 18: Open the Gift

Day 19: Keeping Up With the Joneses

Day 20: Just Things

Day 21: Running in Circles

Day 22: The Art or the Artist

Day 23: No Gifts Please

Day 24: What Will You Do?

Day 25: How to Figure it Out

Day 26: Something to Remember

Day 27: But I Get So…

Day 28: Too Much

Day 29: When You Need Help

Day 30: Us

Day 31: When the End is the Beginning



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