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Day 4…It’s a Trap

Look at her…

her hair is so much prettier than mine. Mine is too blah.

her curves are perfect. I curve in all the wrong places.

her eyes, chest, legs, smile.

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When was the last time you looked at a woman and admired her beauty without putting yourself down?

Sure, we may not say the words out loud, but in our hearts we have created a comparison trap. The minute we begin to appreciate something beautiful about someone else we are trapped in a place of criticizing ourselves.

When was the last time you looked at yourself and thought you were beautiful?

We’ve been taught that complimenting others is kind but recognizing our own beauty is vain. We’ve stepped into the trap that humility means belittling ourselves and putting someone else on a pedestal.

The thing we never realize is that another person’s beauty was never meant for us. I was never meant to have her eyes. You were never meant to have her legs. You are your own kind of beautiful. 



Our worth is in our uniqueness. Maybe it’s your eyes or your great hair or your smile. Maybe it’s your long legs our the way your dimple is just perfectly placed. Maybe it’s something you don’t even see yet. But step out of the trap and look. Your beauty is right there, a breathing fingerprint of God’s creativity and love for you.

Look at yourself and find something beautiful. Declare it without apology today (even if you have to whisper it!). What is beautiful about you?

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