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Day 5…It’s a Stretch

I have a confession. I may have written brave yesterday when I talked about beauty, but I think my foot, or maybe my heart, is still stuck in a snare. It’s a hard trap to shake, and when you’ve spent weeks–years in the same place you stiffen into discomfort until you think it’s normal.

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I don’t always believe that my worth is in my uniqueness. Instead I believe in my self–my self-worth. When we spend all our time on what feels normal sometimes we forget that it’s the wrong normal. We were meant for more than comparisons and disbelief. We were meant for more than a self-image that is clouded and stuck.

When a muscle is not used, when it’s stuck in one place for too long, we become weak. The more we use it the stronger we become.

That’s easy to say when it feels good. But what about when it’s hard? What about when we’re so stiff we feel paralyzed?

We start small.

We stretch a little bit today.

And tomorrow we stretch a little more.

Each day matters and each day we get a little closer.

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So what can you do today to stretch those stiff muscles that can’t even fathom your beauty and worth? Do something small. Remember something about yourself that is good and beautiful. Recognize it.

Sometimes you have to stretch to get stronger.

Join me in getting stronger one day at a time.

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