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Day 11…Love Becomes Fuzzy

19 years. 90 days. 11 hours.

That’s how long he’s stayed.

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7025 days that he hasn’t left me.

He says he never will. He says he’s in it for good. I believe him. I really do.

But there’s a whisper telling me that he’ll leave. And it has nothing to do with him.

When we live in all of our yesterdays love becomes fuzzy. When I choose to believe my past that tells me that husbands stop loving their wives and dads leave their daughters I am believing that my history is my future. I am believing that I am not worthy of love.

Past events do not define who we are, and someone else’s choices do not change our value. But we have to believe that. We need to believe that sometimes there is hurt and damage, but it does not change that we were born to love and be loved. Sometimes our circumstances and experiences give love a bad name, but if that’s the case it’s not the love we were meant for anyway.

Because this, this pure love is what we were designed for. This is what we are worthy of.




To find out more about all you are worthy of click on the link below.

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