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Day 12…It Isn’t About the Flowers

Flowers, chocolate, diamonds.

What things show you that someone loves you? Is it even about things?

photo credit: Ella Bella

photo credit: Ella Bella

Of course not! We’re all quick to reply. But there is a truth in the beauty of gifts given to you by someone who loves you. There’s a tenderness. A reminder that you are loved so much that someone would invest in you. Money. Time. Thought. You are worthy of that investment.

In life, sometimes we forget to invest in people. Sometimes we wish someone would invest in us. Today isn’t about wishing. It isn’t about doing enough. Today I would encourage you to do one thing.

Do something for yourself.

Buy flowers. Just for you because they are beautiful.

Cook the dinner you love for no other reason than you love it.

Get your nails done because you want to.

Go for a walk somewhere beautiful.

Listen to the song you love, over and over again.

Wear that dress because it makes you feel good.


The point today is not what you do. It’s just taking a moment to do something for yourself because you are worthy of love and beauty. Tell us what you did for you today in the comments!

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