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Day 13…Little Things Become Big Things

I got in the car and started driving. I had a list of things to do, places to go with three kids in tow. Most of the list I’d rather not do, but the kids kept saying we had no food in the house (I think it was just the absence of cereal that worried them). Before I could do any of it, I remembered needing gas.

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I hate pumping gas. It’s a little thing. Really. It takes a few minutes. I know. But I rank it somewhere between taking out the garbage and vacuuming the car.

As I drove, I glanced at the gauge and saw that my tank was, in fact, full. Right then I smiled because I knew. He did it. My husband must have filled up my car yesterday when he was out. For me.

Sometimes it’s the little things that become the big things.

Little things in life that show love. Little things that make us feel loved. Sometimes these add up to more than grand gestures. Why? Because they are so personal.

Someone filling your gas tank may not be the thing that makes a difference to you. But for me, it showed love.

Ask God to reveal His love in the little things today. And open your eyes and notice. Look for Him and all the little things He does for you to show His love in real ways everyday.

If you really want to see how little things are so important in love, go beyond that and do something little for someone in your life. The size of the gift matters less than the size of the heart.

Click below for a series of little things that add up to big believing.

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