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Day 15…The Missing Piece

We’ve spent 14 days on this journey of believing that we are worthy. 14 days of looking at our unbelief and choosing something different, unfamiliar, even uncomfortable. And it’s been good. But we’ve missed the key piece of believing. And it’s something we’ve missed for far too long.

photo credit: tumblr

photo credit: tumblr


We have lived with the notion that believing is a feeling. Something you wait for from the inside to propel change on the outside. But in doing this we’ve left out the most important aspect of believing — faith.

Faith is firm belief in something for which there is no proof; complete trust.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I cannot prove that I am worthy. Neither can you. This involves faith. A firm belief in all that God says about us. It’s believing even when we don’t see it.

We don’t need to see something to believe it. We need to choose to believe and trust in the one who knows it to be true. Sometimes that’s hard. Do you want to make it easier? There is a way.

(This is where Nike has it right)

Just do it.

The more we do, the easier it will get.

Let’s ask for help together.

God, this feels so hard. I am trying to believe all that you say about me, but my faith is shaky and I’m searching for proof. Please help me today. Help me make the choice to believe that I am worthy. Help me to have faith that all you say about me is truth, absolute truth. Thank you. Amen.


Follow the journey to believing.

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