My Ink Dance

Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

Day 20…Just Things

How many items are in your house? Too many to count? How about in your kitchen? Or your dresser?

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Our lives are full of things; drawers stuffed with hope in all that we can touch. As if the ability to wrap our fingers around something makes it valuable.

We collect and store and buy to have all we need, but would you rather have everything you need for five minutes or for five lifetimes?

The value of something is not in our ability to touch it, rather in our inability. If I put my worth in all that I have, I will never be worth enough. We are more than the things we fill our home with. We are more than the objects we surround our lives around. We are about all that is unseen.






It’s time we stop putting all our eggs in that basket we just had to have. The eggs and the basket are just more things. We are worth more than the things that surround us. It just depends on where we put our hope.



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