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Day 23…No Gifts Please

Not wanting something and not having it are two different things.

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I’ve spent my life wanting. Wanting to be more: to be prettier, smarter, funnier, sexier, friendlier, better. I’ve built my life staring want in the face trying to shake it until I get the things I think I’m looking for.

The problem is that I’ve been so busy wanting I did not consider having.

Those silent places deep within, hidden behind the daily smiles and I’m fine responses, those places don’t multitask. If I’m so busy thinking about the things I want to be, there is no room for considering what I am.

The want takes the spotlight and what I have is left in the shadows.

But what if we changed that? What if we were able to look at ourselves and recognize all that we have? Not the things we have but the gifts that make us who we are. What if we moved the spotlight?

Instead of saying I have no gifts, what if you could say I am a great leader or I am really good at teaching?

Sound prideful? I thought so, too. But then I realized that God gave me gifts. He gave you gifts. These are the unique things that He wove into the fibers of who we are to make us the perfect thread for our part of this amazing tapestry He’s created.

When we deny the gifts God has given us, we reject God as an artist, we reject our potential, and we reject the ways in which we affect others.

It’s time to stop saying we have no gifts. It’s time to move the spotlight and recognize those intricate strengths and abilities that are uniquely ours so we can be part of something beautiful.

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