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Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

Day 25…How to Figure It Out


We’ve talked a lot about the unique gifts God gives each of us. But sometimes everything feels uncertain and cloudy like we are looking at life through the wrong glasses.


Here are a few resources I’ve found that help you identify your gifts and abilities.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tools — This is a fantastic article by Lifeway with tools you can utilize to help you identify your areas of spiritual gifts. Take your time on this one and see what it means for your.

We Can — A short blog article that has a strong biblical base to help you think about your strengths. A quick read that you won’t regret.

Personality Type Test — This is an online test that is similar to the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator. Although, shorter and less precise, it will still help you recognize how you are wired and how that relates to you and the world around you. The site gives a great summary that I found insightful. If you want more detailed information you can look for information about the official Myers Briggs Personality Indicator.


These resources are a great start to understanding more about who you were created to be and how to apply that to your life. Remember you are worthy. Believe it today.

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