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Day 28…Too Much

Surely, it’s too much.

I’m too much.

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There is a very thin line that exists between being noticed and fitting in.

I’ve spent my life wanting to be the best, smartest, and (in all honesty) the most beautiful woman to ever exist. Yes. It’s true.

But there is another part of me that knew that when you are too much, it’s not a good thing. I was too emotional, too black and white, too honest. When the world says you are too much you become less of yourself. Eventually, you are not really sure who you are.

So I stood on this thin line of too much and not enough. The simultaneous desire to be more and less.

But what if I stopped following the line?

What if I decided to just be me?

In all of my imperfection?

In all of my mistakes?

In all of the things I do right?

When we stare at the ground following some invisible line, we can only see our feet.

I think it’s time we looked up.


Look up today and find out more about worthy.

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