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Why We Like the Internet So Much

Sometimes I find myself frustrated with the dependence I’ve developed for this world-wide web of ideas, people and information. I miss the days of looking something up in a big thick book. I miss that if you wanted to know how someone is you needed to pick up a phone for more than a status update. I miss looking into people’s eyes instead of pixels to truly connect.

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But as much as I could list what I miss, I’m still here surfing along everyday for things big and little. Looking for the weather or the news. Finding out how someone is or shopping for a lamp. Choosing the feel of keys beneath my fingers instead of a book in my hand. And sometimes I wonder why.

The truth is, I like the internet. Even the name creates a feeling of connection and safety. And I could say that’s what’s so great. But it’s really so much more than that.

The internet allows us to portray ourselves how we choose, and that feels safer than letting people see the real us.

If I have a big pimple, well, no selfie’s for me that day.

The kitchen is a mess? I’ll take a pic of the sky to share.

Homework with the kids is a nightmare? Well, I have choices here. I can gloss over it and not tell anyone or I can come up with something clever about how modern education is confusing us all. Either way, I’m safe.

The internet is no lie. It does intertwine us and information and it does create a safety net to make sure we only show our best side.

But how well can we really know one another if all we ever see are filtered, strategically safe posts?

Somehow we’ve lost balance in this pick your own play reel world. And that only makes the real world seem harder to face. Maybe if we post real and live intertwined we can know each other in this world-wide web so much better than one we see on a screen.

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