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How Multitasking Made Me Feel Like A Failure

Standing at the stove, stirring spaghetti I wanted to cry. My son needed help with his homework, my daughter was reading me a book for school and the phone started ringing. I stopped to answer the phone and in those two minutes the water boiled over, my son was banging the table and my daughter was asking what a word was. I could think of a few words, but I’m guessing none of them were in her leveled reader.

Multitasking, juggling, coordinating. Call it what you will, but for me it means one thing.



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I’m not good at keeping ten things in the air. Nevermind doing it with a smile on my face. Apparently I’m good at dropping the ball. Or maybe even a couple. And doing this day in and day out was making me feel like a failure. Not just in one area, but in every area.

Ever been there?

But what if we weren’t really meant to do it all? I know that sounds crazy in our 4G world that twisted the message of you can be anything to you can be everything. I know it’s crazier still in this world that praises more, more, more and forgets about doing our best.

Let’s look at that dinner disaster again.

Can I make spaghetti without burning it or overflowing water? Yes.

Can I listen to my youngest read a book? Yes.

Can I help my son with his homework so he’s less frustrated? Yup.

How about answering the phone? You bet.

But can I do them all at once? Not a chance.

So I may not be able to keep all the balls in the air, but I can pick each one up one at a time and give it the best of me. And when I give my best to that one thing you can bet I won’t have things crashing down around me.

Maybe I won’t get as much done.

Maybe I won’t be able to be Superwoman.

But maybe, just maybe I won’t feel like a failure.

And maybe that’s all that matters.

Finding hope in words strung from screen to screen with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Dukes Lee.


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  1. Beth Squailia

    Thank you so much for continuing to write and speak forth things that so many of us are thinking and feeling. Your words bring me hope that Im not the only mortal in the midst of all these “supermoms”.

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thank you Beth! Sometimes we just need to be real and know that we are not alone. Hugs!

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