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How $7 Changed My Week

I drive by a little farm everyday. It’s less than half a mile from my house and they have a cute stand out front where they sell some of the products from their farm. It’s a very quaint homemade structure with a hinged box on the side for the money to be left on the honor system.

Spring starts us out with maple syrup. Summer comes and you can find tomatoes. But my favorite thing to see out on that farm stand is the flowers. They’re beautiful and simple. Full of color and beauty. And I’ve always driven by with a half smile and a sigh. For thirteen years.

Until the other day.


I stopped the car. I got out and I looked at the two arrangements, hope and glory in a mason jar. I dropped the money in the box and picked my favorite arrangement.

Now, even as I type, it sits on my kitchen table. It’s been there all week reminding me of beauty. Reminding me of hope. Reminding me that I am worthy of beautiful things, but I have to remember they are not always found where you think they will be. And sometimes I have to give something to find beauty.

A mason jar with flowers will not make a week perfect. Let me assure you there have been sibling fights and words shouted. There have been rushed meals and dogs that didn’t listen. But in the middle of all that I can see a reminder of something beautiful. Something created by the same artist that created you and me. And that simple reminder can change the whole week.

What beauty can you find today that can remind you just how beautiful life can be?


Find other words of beauty across the web today.

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  1. The clock my husband made me years ago. It always makes me smile!

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