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When Patience Feels Hard

Some days I have it. Some days I don’t. Most days I’m somewhere in the middle, like a four year old who understands the word “Wait” but doesn’t like what it means.

Patience has never come easily for me.

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I like instant gratification. I like the right now. But most of life isn’t right now, it’s on some horizon waiting to be reached.

Sometimes when you walk toward the horizon it feels like you’ll never get there on this round, round world that spins on its own accord.

But that doesn’t mean God wants us to stop walking, stop seeking, stop pursuing. And it doesn’t mean to run endlessly seeking the thing around every bend.

Patience is the breath between wait and go. And you will miss it if your world is screaming loud or you’re screaming louder. You have to listen to hear a breath; you have to be still to feel one.

There is a beautiful truth in the patient breath between.


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It is in that very breath that we realize and receive what God has for us.


Did you catch that?

I almost missed it — in fact I miss it everyday.

Getting there isn’t the goal. That breath of patience is when we realize and receive. When we rush past the breath of patience, we miss the whole point.

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  1. Great post! I am actually a very patient person, yet I miss out on so much God has in store for waiting times. I often say that waiting is not wasting and we should never underestimate the growth that comes from these times in between.
    May you experience lots of blessings in your waiting!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks for visiting Katha!

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