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Do You Laugh for Real?

I used to think I was an open book. That I wore my heart on my sleeve and hid nothing. I love transparency, and the truth in relationships that hold it. I used to think that’s who I was.

And then I thought about laughter.

image credit: feeling & loving

image credit: feeling & loving


Chances are, if you’ve been around me at all you’ve heard me laugh. I’m generally a happy person, although deep to the core. Emotion runs in my veins and laughter is no different.

But I’m not sure how real I’ve been. Because I have a laugh that I use with people and then a laugh, my laugh, that I use with my people.

That laugh, the real one, has changed over the years. I love laughing, but when I don’t know someone well it is another piece of myself that I reserve. Holding back keeps me safe.

Safe from what I’m not really sure.

I almost feel badly about this, but then I realize that part of growing up is finding your people. Transparency does not mean I need to reveal everything to everyone. Transparency means I am honest and real in my interactions.

So, if you hear me laugh, really laugh, you’ll know. You’ll hear a piece of my grandmother and maybe watch my shoulders shake. I won’t be able to get a word out and I may laugh more than the situations deserves. And this is a piece of myself that is true to who I am. And if you hear it you’ll know. I feel at home with you.

What pieces of yourself do you reserve for your people?

5 minutes can tick on forever or can be gone in the blink of an eye. I wanted more time here. More editing. More ability to develop my idea and give it structure. But that’s not what I’m doing this month.

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