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What Have You Done For Real?

Look at those numbers! She has so many friends. Look at her page views. Wow! Her Facebook and Instagram and twitter are so much bigger than mine.


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Have you been there? Have you ever had these thoughts run through the back of your mind (or maybe even set up camp and sing campfire songs?)

I have. And I hate it. It made me mad that everyone seemed so much more popular than I am. And then it made me mad that I cared. And then I was mad that I tied my worth to numbers of connections through an invisible web.

Because the truth is that it doesn’t matter.

Real life connections always trump virtual ones.

Yes, that may be a dangerous thing for me to say in this space, but if I had to choose all my Facebook friends or that one friend in real life? Real life wins every single time.

Because I need real. I need people that I can look in the eye. I need people that show up and give up and put up just for me.

It’s the real life that should be enhanced by the virtual one not the other way around.

Take stock in where you invest your time, your thoughts, your values. In a world so focused on likes and retweets maybe we need to think about how we show people they matter in the real world.

What are you doing to invest in your real life?

This post feels risky to hit publish on. After all, I am here trying to build this online space and make it something meaningful. But if I can’t be real none of it matters. It is part of my 31 days series, that isn’t really adding up to 31 at the moment. I’m working on letting go of perfect and moving forward in enough.

Because I am.

And so are you.

Check out the rest of my series by clicking the link below.

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