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How Long Will It Feel Hard?

I look at everything in front of me and suddenly I feel overwhelmed. The kids have so much going on and there’s always more to do with the house, nevermind the laundry and the groceries and cooking.

Have you been there?

image credit: yyellowbird on flickr

image credit: yyellowbird on flickr

Maybe your list looks different from mine, but chances are you have a list. Those things that leave you feeling a bit frantic or like you’ll never measure up. I can relate.

But this list that feels so consuming and important and suffocating, this list is only temporary.

The truth is that we won’t be in this place forever.

We can take it to a higher level and talk about how our time on earth is temporary, and heaven is eternal, but sometimes I need something a bit more concrete than that. Because the truth is that most days heaven feels very far away.

So here, in this place, how do we get out of that overwhelmed mindset and move into something more?

Someone asked me yesterday about where I’m at with church and God. I didn’t know my answer until the words came out of my mouth.

I’m in a season of saying, “Ok God.”

Our circumstances are not permanent. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in them that they blind us to anything beyond. But whatever you are facing is not forever. One day the kids will grow up. The job will be done. The illness will be resolved. We may not know how these things will happen, but they are all just a season. And each season has beauty.

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Maybe it’s time we stopped asking God to get us out of the season and start asking Him to show us the beauty of the one we’re in.

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