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When Life Feels Too Busy

I glanced at the calendar hanging on the wall and I wanted to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. The day and the week and the month were full of everyone’s things…sports, meetings, school events, dinners, holidays…all good things. But if they’re so good then why do they make me want to run and hide?


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No one ever said busyness is next to godliness. So why do we pursue it as a badge of honor. It’s as if having calendar squares full means our lives are full. The sad thing is that we’re missing the point.

When we are searching for value in the fullness of our calendar, we miss out on the real value in our lives.

When we spend our time running from one commitment to another we miss out on opportunities.

When we cower behind the day rather than step out into it we miss out on joy.

I want value and opportunities and joy in my life. In order for that to happen, I need to guard my days in the way that is best for me. When we make choices that fill us up, we are free to be the person we want to be.



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