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The Only Thing You Need This January

I’m not a fan of resolutions. It’s not that the concept isn’t good. I love the idea of setting new goals and checking things off a list to better oneself. The thing I’m not a fan of?

Self sabotage.


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It’s what always happens to me when I’ve tried to set a New Year’s resolution. I come up with some big lofty goal usually to lose weight, read my Bible daily, keep my house spotless, and be a perfect wife and mother — the usual. But the truth is that I can’t be all those things. Sometimes the idea of who we want to be in our head is no more real than a Disney fairytale.

I’ve spent far too long trying to be someone else, someone who is impossible. And I’ve spent too many Januarys feeling like a failure. I’m not willing to lose another New Year to feelings of inadequacy and failure.

So, I’m not. This year I’ve set a goal to do one thing for myself. It’s not a resolution because the very nature of this one word erases all the negative ramifications of anything I could ever do (or not do).

I’ve given myself a word for this year. I keep it like a song on repeat in the back of my mind and I have a feeling it will change everything. And even if it doesn’t, I’m still covered.


That’s it. Yes, I’m a little late to the one word for the year party. But this is where my word comes in handy. I’m piling grace on myself like I would frosting on a cupcake. Layers of thick sweet grace that will only give me a glimpse of all the grace God has for me.

Maybe this is your year for something different, friend. Maybe instead of being more and doing more, maybe it’s time you found grace and let it repeat like the most beautiful song.

Who knows, maybe this is the very thing that will free us to be more of who we are meant to be.

How are you going to show yourself grace in this new year?

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