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Not For The Faint of Heart

The whole life thing is hard. Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable sliver under the skin hard, but other times it’s knock the wind out of you fall to your knees hard. And it can be the most unexpected things that remind us.

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Maybe it’s a diagnosis that leaves you asking why.

Maybe it’s a loss that feels like an endless pit.

Maybe it’s another bill that you just can’t figure out where the money will come from.

Maybe it’s making a hard choice for someone who is unable to.

Hard things come in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes we think our hard doesn’t matter because it’s not as hard as someone else. It’s not starvation or homelessness. It’s not third world. But the first world is not always easy either and God cares about your hard just as much someone else’s hard.

My hard looks different from your hard. My hard even looks different from my own day-to-day. But that doesn’t change how it feels. And it doesn’t change where it comes from.

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not from God. He carried His own cross (and I’m guessing it was no picnic). Yet it was still God’s will and it was still good.

Sometimes God gives us hard things. Sometimes He simply allows hard things. Either way, He doesn’t leave our side.

Hard Things

What hard thing are you facing?

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About Becky Hastings

I am emotional and logical. I am strong and dependent. I am a juxtaposition of head and heart exploring it all through writing. And in all my mixed-up ways I am loved. I'm here to tell you that you are, too. Just the way you are.

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  1. great post, beck – nice to be your neighbor at Jennifer’s this morning in rainy CA (at last) – life is hard but that’s when i lean in harder to God and let Him carry me and my burden. You,too, I’m guessing.

    1. Becky Hastings

      Absolutely! Sometimes I think those hard seasons are when I’m the absolute closest to God (on my end–He’s the same always!) Thanks for visiting!

  2. Susan Ireland

    You are amazing. I have seen your heart and witnessed your logic. I would not call for any other mix…a perfect YOU.

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thank you, Sue! Your words mean so very much. xo

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