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Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

I posted something on Facebook recently, and I knew I would get a bit of backlash for it. It wasn’t something controversial so much as personal and the backlash wasn’t at all negative. In fact, it made me feel pretty great. But it made me wonder.

Why are we so uncomfortable with insecurity?

image credit: Alexander Yakovlev

image credit: Alexander Yakovlev

Is it possible that we can be secure in who we are in Jesus, yet falter with who we are in this world? Because here’s the thing that we were warned about: we are, in fact, in this world.

That means we will struggle. Even with who we are. It is possible to know who I am in Christ, but sometimes wonder who I am in this world.

I know I am a child of the King, but sometimes I wonder how great of a mom I am.

I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made, but sometimes I don’t see that in the mirror.

I know I can do all things in Christ, but sometimes I don’t know what that looks like in the day-to-day.

Insecurity is part of our humanity. We can grasp grace and renew our minds, but sometimes our humanity shows and in those moments we need people who let us be human. People who remind us that we’re not alone and that we’re not the only ones who are in-process.

Sometimes when we are faced with insecurity it is not a cry for help, rather a release of an internal struggle. While encouragement and reassurance is good and right, sometimes we just need to let the insecurity sit in the air and sink down to the floor for it to fall away. Sometimes it takes speaking (or writing) our hardest things to finally release them.

When we give voice to those human parts of ourselves we recognize our need for Jesus. It’s not until we let go of those things that we have hands free to grasp His grace.

image credit flickr

image credit flickr

Let’s be a people who can sit in the uncomfortable places until they fall away and then lift one another’s hands to grasp the beauty of God’s grace.

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