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When Did Ordinary Become A Bad Thing?

I sat there watching them give out awards. My daughter had competed well in gymnastics. The awards at the end were just a capstone to a great day. I waited for her age group, and as they announced the first award I heard them say, “In 18th place…” That’s when I stopped listening.


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When did we become so set on everyone winning that we lost sight of what winning means?

We find ourselves all trying to be the best. It starts young and keeps going longer than we will admit.


Medals for all

AP classes

Ivy league

Better job

Bigger paycheck

Nicer house

Better car

Perfect lips, body, booty.

In each of these scenarios we are not looking at our accomplishments. We are looking at what we can do in comparison to someone else. The problem is there will always be someone else. And that will always leave us feeling less than.

We were never meant to compare ourselves to another person. We are only meant to walk out what God has called us to. And the hardest part to swallow? He may call us to something that looks ordinary.

Maybe you don’t struggle with the list above. After all, that’s the world, we say. God calls us to more. Sadly, the same thing happens in churches across the world. Think about the striving, the hierarchy of service and ministry.

Who’s who on worship team?

Prophetic ministry.

Who’s in the spotlight?

When did setting up chairs for service become less than singing on the stage? When did we stop teaching a children’s church class in favor of putting on a conference?

Ordinary places

We keep going for more, striving for more, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder more than what? If our goal is extraordinary we will always come up short. When we walk out the big and small of whatever God calls us to, every step is in the holy places.

Being who we are without striving to be extraordinary frees us to be who we are truly meant to be.

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