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A New Kind Of List

I made a list today. This isn’t a big surprise. I love lists, and I’ve even been known to make a list including something I’ve already done just for the joy of checking it off. (Maybe that can be our secret?) I think it’s my type A personality.

I’ve made To Do Lists, Job Lists, Honey Do Lists, Work Lists, Summer Lists, Book Lists….and the list goes on.

image credit: pinterest

image credit: pinterest

This doesn’t even take into account the lists in my head. You know, the ones that loom like a dark cloud over everything you do. The lists that are not tasks so much as expectations of ourselves. I’m great at the I Should Be lists. I should be thinner, prettier, better at praying, get up earlier, a better mom, a better wife and on and on and on. This list never seems to end.

But the list I made today was different.

I made a list of good things…things I’ve done.

Before I get too deep I’m going to keep this real. In the spirit of full disclosure this list had everything to do with my health (and I only say that because saying weight loss isn’t as trendy). I’m trying to lose weight because it’s an area I want to be healthier in. The tricky part is not linking this to my worth, but that’s for another day.

I’m trying to lose weight…actively trying. And the scale is not moving as much as I want it to. I struggle with getting discouraged. Giving up. Eating whatever I want. But back to my list.

I realized this morning that I may not be at my goal, but I’ve made a lot of progress. I’m drinking more water everyday. I’m moving my body five or six days a week. I’m eating less empty foods.

None of these things put me where I want to be, but they are accomplishments along the way. When we forget to look at those, we can easily lose hope.


We get wrapped up in all the things we are not, we forget about all the things we are. Somehow, it has become more accepted to talk about our flaws and failures than our strengths and successes.

We forget that when Jesus looks at us, He doesn’t see a list of all the things we should be. He sees all of the beautiful things we are. And thankfully this list has nothing to do with weight loss.

Whatever you are working on in your life, whatever is discouraging you or leaving you feeling less than worthy, take a moment and make a list. Look at all the things you are accomplishing and be encouraged today friend!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea. I love ticking off items on my to-do list but I think I need to make a separate list for those accomplished tasks.

    1. Becky Hastings

      Give it a try. It will encourage you in so many ways!

  2. Love this 🙂 I know I can be really hard on myself for not being perfect right this minute. I too have a hard time not linking my weight loss goals to my self-worth! Anyway, this is a good read and it was a good reminder for me today. Thank you!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Leah, I’m so glad you’re here! It is so good to know we’re not alone! I hope you look for those places in your life today that you’ve made progress, that you are closer to becoming who you want to be. You are loved by a God that knows us more than we can imagine!

  3. Ahh! Love your site! That name–my ink dance!! (insert heart-eyed emoticon) I loved this post too. I have found that the only way to combat the negative list–the one that seems to constantly be running through my head in which I add to it everything I mess up or everytime I fall short–is to make a new list of positives. Popping in from TellHisStory. Glad I did 🙂

    1. Becky Hastings

      So glad you’re here today Amanda! It is such an important shift to make in the way we think about ourselves. I would love to see God’s list for me (and yes, I write that with trembling hands because I still struggle to believe He could really, really love me and look at me the way He says.) Glad you’re here!

  4. Hi Becky,
    I can relate with making lists 🙂 and with struggling to change something and feeling like you’re moving backward instead of forward. Even though it’s discouraging, I love the graphic you made that in looking how far God has brought us, it helps us see that we’re not where we started and there’s hope to keep going!

    1. Becky Hastings

      So glad you’re here today Valerie! It is such a beautiful thing when we can purpose to see where God has brought us!

  5. I am in the process of getting healthier too, which is really what you are doing, not just losing weight. I joined Curves a couple months ago, and I am loving it! I get such a good workout there! I am starting with 2 days/week, which is an improvement of my 1 day/week I was doing before at the YMCA. Just that change has motivated me, so now I look forward to the 2 days of exercise. Not that you asked, but my tip for losing weight, as you get healthier, is to give up 1 trouble food. For me it was corn. I gave it all up, corn chips, and anything with corn syrup in it, cornmeal… I lost 15 pounds (before I started Curves). For some people the problem food is wheat, or all gluten, or dairy…

    1. Becky Hastings

      That’s fantastic Janet! Finding what works for you is the best thing you can do! Keep at it friend. You’re doing great!

  6. I absolutely love this idea! I’m the queen of lists. They are literally all over my house. But I can’t remember the last time I made one celebrating what I’ve done. They are always about what I still need to do. Thank you for this, Becky!

    1. Becky Hastings

      So glad you’re here Candace! How’s your list coming? 🙂

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