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When The Perfect Picture is All Wrong

It was the perfect picture.

Or, it was going to be. Once I moved this part and found the light and tilted that way. But really, it was perfect. I just needed to click at the right moment.

image credit: marc fulgar

image credit: marc fulgar

I was wrapped up in the process. Getting the right light. Arranging things just so. Focus and filter and…

then I realized what I was doing.

I paused as a question pressed through my mind: why?

I stopped and stared at the camera phone in my hand. What was my motive? It had nothing to do with the beauty of what was in front of me. No, this photo had everything to do with me.

The plan was to get the perfect picture and post it on Facebook and Instagram. But when these questions caused a moment of pause I realized I wasn’t doing this to share beauty.

I was trying to capture perfect because I wanted people to see me that way. Click To Tweet

I needed someone (or lots of someones) to see what I had done and like and heart and oooh and ahhh.

I was seeking validation in an image.

How could someone who loves and longs for real and honest keep buying into this filtered snapshot world?

No amount of likes will fill the empty places in our hearts. Click To Tweet

I felt like a fraud (again). I want to be that person that lives life full and real, capturing it for the sake of its beauty, not to prove that I am worthy of attention. How often do we capture and share pieces of our lives to prove that we are, in fact, living?

I’ve always loved photos. That is a part of who I am. And sharing them is a wonderful way to share beauty and life with one another. Not every moment needs to be crafted and filtered so we can show how great our lives are. Some moments just need to be lived.

image credit: Benil Benjamin

image credit: Benil Benjamin

And that picture I was taking? A bowl of strawberries my husband picked from our garden that morning. You won’t see the picture anywhere because I put the camera down and ate them instead. They were fantastic.


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