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Words & Thoughts: 5 Life Giving Quotes from Redeeming Love

We just finished reading our first Words & Thoughts book club book. If you remember, I mentioned this isn’t your typical book club (you can read more here). Our first book, Redeeming Love is one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read.

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It always amazes me how a few words can speak so much if only we will listen.

Redeeming Love quotes

You are free, you just don’t know it yet.

YES…..this is me, you, all of us. How often do we forget the freedom we have in Christ? Maybe it’s not forgetting, but an inability to fully grasp such extravagance. I long to know more of that freedom each and every day.

Love cleanses, beloved. It doesn’t beat down. It doesn’t cast blame. My love isn’t a weapon. It’s a lifeline. Reach out and take hold, and don’t let go.

This may be Michael talking to Sarah, but it is really God talking to all of us. How often do we expect anger or disappointment from God? His love is not a weapon. Our only job is to grab it and hold on.

I want what you don’t even know you have to give.

Michael Hosea to Angel on their first meeting. And I am left speechless, only with exhale. There is so much hope in these words. The hope that he knows what she can offer more than she can even understand herself is the same hope I have that God knows those things in me that I can’t even imagine. The hope that I have more to give, that I am more than I even know, is scary and beautiful.

She had always seemed so strong. And she was. Strong enough to take unspeakable abuse and survive. Strong enough to adapt to anything. Strong enough to lock herself away inside walls she thought would make her safe.

Michael’s thoughts on Sarah remind me of how often I’ve locked myself inside of walls because it felt safer to be inside something I could control. The fact that Michael was able to see the beauty even in this shows so much love. Love that belongs to each of us.

“Angel, Michael’s still waiting for you to come home.” Her face went deathly white. “It’s been over three years. He can’t still be waiting.” “He is.”

No matter how far we’ve gone, no matter how long it’s been, no matter what we’ve done. God is still there. He is waiting. Not waiting with scorn or judgement. He is waiting for us, His bride, with arms wide open and a heart full of love.

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