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I Don’t Need to Confess My Sins, Right?

There was glass everywhere. Those tiny shards that hide fifteen feet from where the incident occurred, from where things first became broken.



The little one looked up at her mama wide-eyed, shaking her head before her mama could even form the question. They both already knew the answer.

“Do you know how this broke?” the mama said sweeping up pieces of glass.

“No, mama.” Her face begins to give her away with trembling lip and wet eyes.

Her mama waits quiet, cleaning up the evidence, already knowing the truth.

Both mama and daughter keep going, holding their soul breath, waiting for something to happen. Mama knows there is only one thing that will make this ok. And she will wait.

With the sound of the swept up glass falling into the garbage and the empty place on the counter, the girl can hold it no more. Confession pours out of her as fast as the tears, and both mama and girl exhale.

Confession doesn’t put the things back together, but it does give you permission to let go of the broken pieces.

That mama knew what happened all along. She was only waiting for her daughter to confess. Not so she could scold, but so she could forgive.

We seem to think we don’t need to confess our sins anymore. We’re under this assumption that Jesus took care of it, so we don’t need to go there. And those verses in the Bible that straight up tell us to confess, well those were for Bible times because it’s all grace now, right?

So we keep going, thinking we’ve got it all together, thinking this idea of grace negates the rest of the Word.

And the Father waits with warm eyes, holding His soul breath, until we see.


Maybe it’s time we came back to the Father and let go of the broken pieces we cling to. It is only in letting them go that we can truly grasp His grace.

What broken pieces are you holding today?

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  1. I just love this, Becky! I’m so glad God knows and forgives all our sins- and that we don’t have to confess each one to be saved! But I’m also so grateful confession does have a place for us- so we can experience the fullness of His grace and forgiveness as the child did here : ) Thanks so much for sharing, Becky!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks Bethany!

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