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Too Good Not To Share

Sometimes in the middle of all the loud of this online world, we find something that speaks directly to our heart. It could make us laugh or cry or think or feel or wonder. And they are simply too good not to share.

Things have been busy behind the scenes here as I’m getting ready to launch my new book. Even in all the busy, God has used the words of others to impact my heart at just the right times.

I came across this post I shared in my Facebook feed years ago. Naturally, it was exactly what I needed to read today. Kristen, (aka The Frugal Girl) focuses on being thrifty, but this really applies to all areas of my life.

“We don’t all have to be good at the same things, and we don’t all have to love the same things. (No one can possibly be good at everything and love everything!)”

I needed this today. Maybe you do too?

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough. I’m not talking about stuff, but enough of what it takes to really give in the world. I see people who give big and bold and fit within the rules of what giving should look like. I think, I can’t possibly give like that.

But what if God never called us to?

“People with little, but feeling they had enough and giving from their enough to others.” Debby Hudson writes beautifully of the legacy of giving in her family to teach us all how to give more fully. She also showed me Matthew 6:6 in the Message version…pure GOLD!

As I’m eagerly anticipating my first real book coming into the world, I’ve thought a lot about what this writing life should look like for me.

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Most experts instruct on platform building, and while it may make sense, this is the truth: “no one is meant to really stand on platforms.” Ann Voskamp reminds me at such a deep, real, heart-level of what I need to hear, about serving real. Because we could all use a lot more real.


What great words have you found lately? 

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  1. Reading this was definitely refreshing. It can feel like there’s all this pressure to do everything we hear about other Christians doing, but the whole point of community is so that we can get it all done by each giving as we are called to! And the concept of shaping every platform into an altar is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Yes! You are so right Jenna. We need to do the thing God calls each of us uniquely to. And do it for HIM! So glad you’re here!

  2. This was such an encouragement as bloggers and writers we are constantly striving to grow. I love the image of making every platform into the shape of an altar. I definitely needed this encouragement today!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Wasn’t that great?! I needed it too! So glad it blessed you 🙂

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