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3 Practical Things to Do When Church Feels Hard

Church. The simple word can bring so many emotions. It can remind us of faith, pain, belonging, rejection, love, and loss. Much like any relationship with imperfect people, church brings a host of feelings, and for some, it just feels hard. But does that mean it has no place in their life? These words may […]

The Church Project, Part II

We all have different experiences with Church. The Church Project is a way to look at some of those experiences to consider one another within the Church and think more deeply about our own experiences. Let’s welcome Anita as she tells parts of her story growing up in the church and working in a variety […]

The Church Project, Part I

We all approach Church with our own ideas and life experiences. Learning from one another can help us become better equipped to love and encourage one another in God’s truth. As we spend a few weeks exploring our role within the Church, I started a project asking people about their experiences. People will answer the […]

How I Went Back To Church, Part II

Finding your way back to church can be a road you never intended to be on. I sure didn’t. This is the second part in my journey back (you can see the first part here). I never lost Jesus, but something in me missed what I knew the church could be. So we stepped out […]

How I Went Back To Church, Part I

It wasn’t that long ago that I was spiritually homeless. I had my faith, held it tight, or loose depending on the day. But it never left. I never let it go. Church was a different story. I never meant to leave. Church just moved further and further down the list of things I wanted […]

Why I Don’t Have A Bullet Journal

For a long time I didn’t set goals. Even in a sea of bullet journals and planners and New Year’s Resolutions I couldn’t find my way to concrete goals. Not because I didn’t know what I wanted, but because I was so afraid of putting them on paper and then failing. In many ways I […]

Words with God on Seeking Direction

The following is a real conversation between me and God. And when I say conversation, it wasn’t audible. It was in a frustrated, timer policed journal session. There is no formula. No right or wrong. Just me and God for a few minutes. Writing is hard. Seriously. I love it, but I have no direction […]

10 Hidden Joys

I started the year full of anticipation, ready to see what my word of the year brought. January is like that, full of hope and dreams. When I chose JOY I didn’t know what it would look like. Grace was full of deep heart learning and somehow I thought JOY would be, well, more joyful. […]

When You Feel Lost

I’m 11 days in and I already feel lost. I purposely didn’t make resolutions, but I made bold declarations of JOY this year. As I write this it’s day 11 and I am not sure what I was talking about. I’ve been in a strange place. An unknowing place. Ironically, I originally typed unknown instead […]

My Word-of-the-Year (And Why You Need One Too)

While it took me a little time to jump on the Word-0f-the-Year bandwagon, I’m so glad I did. Last year, I chose grace. I needed it. For me. It was that simple. And it made such a difference. I’m still holding tight to grace this year, and I’m choosing a new word for 2017. It’s […]