My Ink Dance

Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

Finding Hope in the Broken Places

Hope can be hidden in the middle of your grief. Find it today.

I’ve talked about adoption here before, telling my own story. Today I welcome a fellow writer to share a piece of her journey, in all it’s beautiful broken pieces.  Natalie shares her story of finding grace as she discovered Jesus sitting with her in the darkest moments of her journey. We all have different stories, […]

5 Things Bringing Me Joy Today

You can find joy right now, right where you are. Don't miss these 5 things bringing me joy today!

I will be the first to admit, I wait for joy to find me. Even with my word-of-the-year and lofty goals I find myself walking through life waiting for joy to flash with neon signs and arrows so I know it’s arrived. Today I chose something different. I chose to seek out joy. I chose not […]

How To Do More Than Survive

Do you long to go through your days doing more than simply surviving? These two tips will make all the difference.

I hate September. Well, maybe not everything about September. After all, there are sweatshirts and apples and cool nights. Those are the saving graces, because the rest brings me to my knees. Shifting from a summer mindset into a school mindset is rough. I’m not just talking bedtimes and early wakeups either. There’s first days […]

Did You Miss the Boat?

Do you ever feel like you missed your chance? What if I could tell you that you are not left alone on the shore? Would you believe me?

I looked at the calendar squares of summer slipping away. I had all these great ideas and amazing plans. I even had a Pinterest board for SUMMER FUN. Scratch that. There was no Pinterest board. I had the idea of making a Pinterest board so all my ideas would be in one place and we […]

Are We Playing Church?

It's easy to get wrapped up in a game of pretend when it comes to Sunday mornings. Have you been pretending? Playing the role you think everyone wants you to play? Putting on a happy face?

There are two versions of me. I walk up to those big double doors on a Sunday morning and suddenly, I change. I push down all those things that I’ve carried all week hiding them under a bright smile and purposeful walk. I act as if I know where I’m going and what I’m doing. […]

When Your Voice Shakes

I had to make an announcement today at church. It was a small announcement, nothing earth shattering. Still my voice shook. I felt silly for letting something so minor get the best of me. My husband assured me you couldn’t tell and all was well. Yet, I was still frustrated with myself. I didn’t want […]

Too Good Not To Share

It’s easy to get lost in the negative in this online world. The news leaves us twisted and social media can leave us green. Perfect pins can make us wonder if we’re ever going to be enough and emails scream for our attention. In all this noise, I still believe there is good out there. […]

3 Things You Need to Know About Who You Are

A visit to any bookstore will show how self-obsessed we’ve become as a society. Titles scream about how we can be thinner, smarter, more productive, a master chef. If you desire it, you can be it (in 12 easy steps!) That’s what they want us to believe anyway. The world pushes us to always look […]

Why I Don’t Want a Mountaintop Faith

Imagine you’re on the top of a mountain. You look over the world sprawling below, colors and shapes blending into a beautiful tapestry. It is amazing. Now think for a moment. How did you get there? Did you climb? Did you fly? How are you getting down? Mountaintops are gloriously beautiful. I love the wonder […]

Grace Has a Price

It’s easy to forget that grace wasn’t free. I’ve worked hard to grasp God’s grace more in my life, and I’m so grateful for the endlessness of it. But there was a cost for my freedom, and for yours. Imagine a town, far away from where you live now. You know the streets and the […]