My Ink Dance

Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

When Your Voice Shakes

I had to make an announcement today at church. It was a small announcement, nothing earth shattering. Still my voice shook. I felt silly for letting something so minor get the best of me. My husband assured me you couldn’t tell and all was well. Yet, I was still frustrated with myself. I didn’t want […]

Too Good Not To Share

It’s easy to get lost in the negative in this online world. The news leaves us twisted and social media can leave us green. Perfect pins can make us wonder if we’re ever going to be enough and emails scream for our attention. In all this noise, I still believe there is good out there. […]

3 Things You Need to Know About Who You Are

A visit to any bookstore will show how self-obsessed we’ve become as a society. Titles scream about how we can be thinner, smarter, more productive, a master chef. If you desire it, you can be it (in 12 easy steps!) That’s what they want us to believe anyway. The world pushes us to always look […]

Why I Don’t Want a Mountaintop Faith

Imagine you’re on the top of a mountain. You look over the world sprawling below, colors and shapes blending into a beautiful tapestry. It is amazing. Now think for a moment. How did you get there? Did you climb? Did you fly? How are you getting down? Mountaintops are gloriously beautiful. I love the wonder […]

Grace Has a Price

It’s easy to forget that grace wasn’t free. I’ve worked hard to grasp God’s grace more in my life, and I’m so grateful for the endlessness of it. But there was a cost for my freedom, and for yours. Imagine a town, far away from where you live now. You know the streets and the […]

How To Be The Church

When we look at our diverse experiences with church we’re often left wondering what to do. We can look at our stories like my story back to the church or other people’s experiences. We can look at what to do in the hard places. And all of that helps. Yet we’re still left with a […]

The Church Project, Part III

It is amazing to look at our church stories and see just how different they can be while holding on to an underlying commonality. This project is opening our eyes to different experiences and highlighting the beauty of how simple it all should be. Kellie knows love and Jesus, even in the midst of adversity. Here’s […]

3 Practical Things to Do When Church Feels Hard

Church. The simple word can bring so many emotions. It can remind us of faith, pain, belonging, rejection, love, and loss. Much like any relationship with imperfect people, church brings a host of feelings, and for some, it just feels hard. But does that mean it has no place in their life? These words may […]

The Church Project, Part II

We all have different experiences with Church. The Church Project is a way to look at some of those experiences to consider one another within the Church and think more deeply about our own experiences. Let’s welcome Anita as she tells parts of her story growing up in the church and working in a variety […]

The Church Project, Part I

We all approach Church with our own ideas and life experiences. Learning from one another can help us become better equipped to love and encourage one another in God’s truth. As we spend a few weeks exploring our role within the Church, I started a project asking people about their experiences. People will answer the […]