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Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

Grace Has a Price

It’s easy to forget that grace wasn’t free. I’ve worked hard to grasp God’s grace more in my life, and I’m so grateful for the endlessness of it. But there was a cost for my freedom, and for yours. Imagine a town, far away from where you live now. You know the streets and the […]

5 Ways I Gave Myself Grace This Year (And 1 I Didn’t)

This year was the first I jumped on the Word of The Year bandwagon. It takes time for me to catch on to new trends, plus I wanted to see if it had staying power. Turns out, this trend is around to stay, but more than that it helped me. About a year ago, I wrote […]

7 Things I Am Sorry For

I’ve written a lot about being real. Living authentic and being true to who God made us to be is at the core of my message. Grace upon grace. I’ve even written about things I’m done apologizing for (which I still firmly stand behind and could probably add to). But in truth, I come across […]

There is No Sledgehammer God

It’s rare to find someone who weaves words real and still finds a way to leave you encouraged. I’m honored to welcome Jason to My Ink Dance today to remind you of who God is in the everyday real (and how easy it is to forget). You won’t regret a single word. There is no […]

When Grace Feels Hard

Grace can be easy to dismiss when life feels okay and all is going well. But those moments when things feel dark and hard we can see just how much light grace brings. The real trouble is believing it. I’m excited to welcome my friend Natalie to My Ink Dance to share what God has shown […]

Why You Need to Throw Away Your Church Time Card

I didn’t go to church yesterday. I was sick. Yet somehow, I still felt guilty. Felt like I was not living up to my end of this Christian living thing. Because clearly, God is there for those who go to church. Right? Wrong.  Maybe that didn’t come out right. He’s there for those that come […]

The One Thing You Need to Do When You Are Overwhelmed

I have some bad news for you friend. I hate to start this way, but I think it’s time someone told you. We’re never going to be done. Not on this side of heaven anyway. The lists will never end. The responsibilities will still be here. Chaos will swirl seemingly endless. But there is something […]

I Abuse Grace

I have this friend. I know that sounds like a euphemism. But really it is a friend. I think.   She is that person who is always in trouble. Always sick. Always something going on. And when I talk to her, no matter what I say it always comes back around to her. And her […]

Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

I posted something on Facebook recently, and I knew I would get a bit of backlash for it. It wasn’t something controversial so much as personal and the backlash wasn’t at all negative. In fact, it made me feel pretty great. But it made me wonder. Why are we so uncomfortable with insecurity? Is it […]

What If Grace Is Real?

I didn’t know how to write this post so I avoided it. For weeks. I know what it is supposed to be about. I’m wrapping up my series Grace In The Real World. It’s supposed to be the pretty bow on top of the gift I send into the virtual world. But it’s so hard […]