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What I’ve Been Reading

Last month I told you about my trick for being more purposeful about my reading. It’s working well, but I’m facing another challenge. As 2017 began I wanted to read only books I owned, but have yet to be read. Can I just say how hard that is? There are new titles I’m hearing about all […]

5 Favorite Quotes from You Are Free

When I first read You are Free by Rebekah Lyons I promised it would not be the last you heard about it here. I knew there were pieces to tell you about. Things that would impact you in deep ways the way they impacted me. But I needed time. I needed time with those pieces. […]

Books I’m Reading in March

I love to read, but a few months ago I found I wasn’t reading as much. I was happily choosing other things (hello Netflix and Facebook) to fill my time. Wanting to get back to the page I thought about what I why I read and how much I want to read. My why was […]

4 Books I’m Reading In February

I love how winter and books go together. The long slow days of January left me with a full list. I was so excited for February books! And somehow the 3 less days threw me off. I still read, but not quite as diligently. Have you had that happen? Do you read more during certain […]

7 Things I’m Learning (and Loving) This Winter

The cold winter leaves a lot of time for introspection so it’s the perfect time to link up with Emily in her seasonal What I’ve Learned Series. I Learned A Lot This sounds silly, but I’ve taken some time to reflect. We often forget about the things we learn. We just accept them as part […]

What I’m Reading This Month

January is always a good book month for me. More time inside by the fire leaves me craving pages to turn. This month has been no exception. Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann — Lance is a man on a mission to uncover family secrets so his grandmother can find peace. Rese works hard to prove herself […]

My Year In Review 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I find myself drawn to looking back before I look ahead. It’s more than nostalgia, but a desire to see where I came from in order to have a clearer view of where I’m going. My space here at My Ink Dance is no exception. I’ve grown this year […]

Why I’m Still Writing

The last few months have brought me face to face with a question that I’m still not sure I’ve fully answered. With every tap of a key or note jotted down I keep asking myself, why? I’m the girl who quits things. No, seriously. I am. Piano–quit. Violin–quit. French Horn–quit. And before you think it’s […]

5 Things I Learned This Fall

From Rachael Ray to pomegranates, comfort zones to television, this fall was full of things to learn. Comfort Zone I can do things outside of my comfort zone. I’m a home girl, and no I don’t mean that in the cool sense. I like my home, my people, my circle. I like the places I know and […]

What I’m Reading This Month

It appears I’ve been interested in a certain subject this month without even realizing it.   Have you ever felt like you were trying to find yourself? I think I’ve spent my entire life on this quest without always realizing it. The books I’ve read this month are no exception. Finished It: The Bookshop on […]