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Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

5 Favorite Quotes from You Are Free

When I first read You are Free by Rebekah Lyons I promised it would not be the last you heard about it here. I knew there were pieces to tell you about. Things that would impact you in deep ways the way they impacted me. But I needed time. I needed time with those pieces. […]

Finding Joy in a Simple Calling

The idea of a 4 word calling can feel anything but simple. Sometimes it seems easier to accept the idea of big, grand plans and purpose than to walk out your anything for God in small steps. Big feels like a celebration; small feels, well, small. Embracing the idea of a big calling feels like […]

What To Do When You’re Stuck Between Your Calling and Real Life

It’s easy to feel stuck in real life, even as your mind wanders to big callings. The more we whittle down the simplicity of what God calls us to, the easier it is to walk it out. As I sit here writing, there is a table full of clutter in front of me, kids playing […]

Can My Calling Really Be That Simple?

Ok, I know the other day when I wrote about your calling I said, the end. But the truth is it just doesn’t always seem that easy, does it? Four words made it sound so simple, but here we are, everyday, struggling to understand what it means. I get it. So what do we do? […]

Your Calling (in 4 Words)

Have you ever wondered if you’re where you’re supposed to be? I don’t mean at the right address (although I’ve been in that position plenty of times). I mean in life, in the grand, sweeping sense of purpose and direction and calling. Are my feet (and my heart) where they belong? The question rings loud […]

The 8 Things I Want To Be

I started making a list of all the things I want to do. It felt like I would never stop writing. I needed something deeper. Something that wasn’t about tasks, but about the person behind the task. So, I changed the list. I made a list of all the things I want to be. 1. […]

5 Lessons from “The Gifts of Imperfection”

Sometimes we are lucky enough to find books that offer us an insight into who we are. Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection had me hooked at the subtitle: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to be and Embrace Who You Are. YES! I want that! Reading the book I found myself nodding my […]

What To Do When You’re Not Sure Where You Belong

I’ve been here for over two years. Here in this cyber space intermittently adding words to the great void. And I’m still not sure I belong. I think about what I want to be, who I want to be and it all seems unattainable. I keep looking around me at prettier people who do it […]

I Did Something Against The Rules

I didn’t plan it. It wasn’t penciled in or entered on my phone calendar. There was no method or purposeful reasoning. I just made a spontaneous choice and committed to it. What is this shocking thing that is so foreign? I took a week off from writing. Now before we go any further, I understand […]

The House That Taught Me About My Purpose

Everyday for the past few months I’ve driven by a house that’s being built. First they cleared the land, then laid a foundation. It was like that for a while thanks to the snowy winter. I couldn’t picture it, that new house. Not when they cleared the trees. Not when they laid the foundation. Not […]