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The Letter I Need You to Read

I’m fairly open in this space, sharing my heart and feelings even when they’re not pretty. There are still a few things I hold close and don’t talk about often. Not because of fear or hiding, but for reasons like processing and protecting and privacy. Today, I am going to share something that is deeply […]

Trying to Catch Time

Every once in a while a scene on television completely opens my eyes the way a line in a favorite book does. Catching up on episodes of the season’s must watch show, This Is Us, I found one such moment all about time. And it left me wondering. Do you ever wonder where time goes? […]

Dear Internet (A Letter to the Void)

Dear Internet, I didn’t even think this was going to start as a letter. I just had a statement that kept reeling with every click and scroll and like. It was simple and complicated all at once, given my position. Yet, I found myself wanting to scream it at the top of my lungs over […]

When Life Feels Too Hard for Dreams

We see it all of the internet right now. What are your dreams for 2017? Dream big! What’s your word of the year? Set goals! You can have whatever you put your mind to! Except you can’t. With terminal illness on the horizon a person may only be able to dream about making it through […]

Do You Long to Travel but Feel Like You Can’t?

I used to travel. I embraced new places with joy and excitement. But then life happened. And now I head to the store or the school and wonder if I’ll ever leave a fifty mile radius again. Have you ever felt that way?   If there’s something preventing your globetrotting heart from leaving home, join […]

How To Be Grateful (When It Feels Really Hard)

#30daysofgratitude #thankful #1000gifts It all sounds great, right? It’s easy to want to be grateful. But what about when her house looks so much better than yours? Or when you see the pictures from that other family’s fantastic tropical vacation? Or when she has that great new designer bag and yours is from Walmart? Or […]

Sometimes You Need to Tell Your Story

We get to know one another pretty quickly here at My Ink Dance. This space isn’t about surface conversation and cliché answers, it’s about real life and real faith and questions. And I love it. But sometimes I feel like parts of my story are missing; like there are puzzle pieces missing that would help […]

5 Things I’m Done Apologizing For

I’ve spent a lot of my life apologizing. And I’m not talking about the true “I’m sorry” when I’ve done something wrong. I’ve apologized for things I was never meant to apologize for, things that are not wrong. And I think it’s time I stopped. My size Yeah, I’m going there. Because it’s really the […]

Overwhelmed — Where to Begin

I look at the desk around me and I don’t even know where to focus my eyes. There are papers and binders and to-do lists and a computer and the list goes on. Everything seems urgent. How do you know where to begin? Maybe it’s not your desk. Maybe it’s your house or a big […]

When A Bridge Is Broken

There are some relationships that end, but linger in your soul for a lifetime. They are part of the fabric of who you are, for better or for worse, and no matter what you do you can’t erase them. If you did, you’d be erasing part of yourself. I wrote this post years ago about […]