My Ink Dance

Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

I Judged a Pastor Today

I saw a picture from a pastor on the hate-to-love platform of Facebook today. It was nondescript, showing no faces. But it was from someone I know on the periphery and I saw the kind of car they drive. It made me mad. Apparently, I judge pastors. I’m not a car person. I don’t care […]

Why I Still Can’t Call Myself Woman

I watched a video yesterday talking about how we need to stop calling grown women girls. I turned the words around in my head. I understood every part of the argument, but still the word I used to refer to myself was simple. Girl Maybe it’s the reality that despite double digits, 3 kids and a […]

When You Get Motherhood Wrong

I could feel it slipping through my fingers. Any hope of the person I wanted to be falling away as my voice got louder and my fists clenched tight by my sides. This wasn’t how I wanted motherhood to look. This wasn’t the mother I wanted to be. I could give you plenty of examples […]

5 Favorite Quotes from You Are Free

When I first read You are Free by Rebekah Lyons I promised it would not be the last you heard about it here. I knew there were pieces to tell you about. Things that would impact you in deep ways the way they impacted me. But I needed time. I needed time with those pieces. […]

Do You Have Proof of Life?

Do you ever get tired of the noise? We can hit the mute button while surfing the internet, but the screen screams silent begging us to do, look, be. The internet is anything but quiet.   My letter to the internet captures my personal struggle with this amazing connectivity we have at our fingertips, but […]

Why Imperfect is Enough

I lay there in my bed, hands reflexively resting on my belly. The days of feeling little baby kicks are long gone, but some of the roundness remains. I thought of what my body was, what it is. And in that moment I did something radical. Want to know what I did? I am so […]

Is The Internet for The Pretty People?

It seems like the internet is for the pretty people. The ones with perfect hair and perfect hips. With green grass and appropriately big earrings. With holiday home tours and perfectly white teeth. Basically, not me. And I began to wonder about this virtual world we spend so much of our time in. Is it […]

The Song You Need to Hear Over and Over

Every once in a while I find a song that needs to be played in the background of all I do until it seeps deep into my soul, into a place where I really believe it. I am so grateful Emily posted this and I can play it until it becomes as natural as breathing. Let […]

When The Perfect Picture is All Wrong

It was the perfect picture. Or, it was going to be. Once I moved this part and found the light and tilted that way. But really, it was perfect. I just needed to click at the right moment. I was wrapped up in the process. Getting the right light. Arranging things just so. Focus and […]

I’m A Fraud

I sit here stringing together words to encourage you. Words that are honest and vulnerable, that hopefully leave you feeling encouraged or less alone in this complicated world. Today, I feel like a fraud. For me, it feels easy to be open about real feelings and thoughts. It is part of who I am. I’ve […]