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19 Things I Love About Being Married

In honor of my 19th anniversary this month here are a few of the practical, mushy, and deep things I love about being married, in no particular order. 1. Events. Knowing who my wedding/work event/party date is. (Bonus: we get to go home together) 2. All the feels. Having someone who sees me and all […]

When You Get Motherhood Wrong

I could feel it slipping through my fingers. Any hope of the person I wanted to be falling away as my voice got louder and my fists clenched tight by my sides. This wasn’t how I wanted motherhood to look. This wasn’t the mother I wanted to be. I could give you plenty of examples […]

The Letter I Need You to Read

I’m fairly open in this space, sharing my heart and feelings even when they’re not pretty. There are still a few things I hold close and don’t talk about often. Not because of fear or hiding, but for reasons like processing and protecting and privacy. Today, I am going to share something that is deeply […]

Fill ‘Em Up: Filling Your Kids with Truth

We’re taking a break this week from our Church series to chat books & parenting. Today, we’re talking parenting and how we fill our kids with God’s truth in a messy world. This parenting gig is hard. Can I get an Amen? I love parenting. I really do, and I may or may not have […]

The Gift that Won’t Be Wrapped (A Note for My Kids)

Dear Kids, I know you’ll be happy this Christmas. The lights and the gifts and the family fun. You’ll love it. Probably. Mostly. I mean, you’ll enjoy parts of it. Because here’s the thing. I know you’ll be disappointed, too. Not in a rude, disrespectful way, but in a quiet, deep in your heart way […]

3 Keys from 36 Years of Marriage

I bickered with my husband today. It was nothing major; I probably won’t even remember it in a few days. But there are fights I do remember. Ones that I wish never happened. They remind me of how hard this beautiful thing called marriage is, and how much we all need a little help along […]

How To Have Equally Yoked Friendships

For some, friendship looks natural and easy like taking a stroll on a nice day. That has never been my reality. Friendship is hard work, and often leaves me fumbling and awkward. I’m honored to welcome Bethany to share today about how we can strengthen our friendships. Ever participated in a three-legged race? Your leg […]

5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Struggling – Part 4

We’re wrapping up our series today on how you can help someone without trying to save them. The last two pieces connect so well and they both make such a difference. Be A Friend This might be tricky, because every situation is different. It may mean listening and giving the person a chance to vent. […]

5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Struggling – Part 3

Some people I love dearly are going through hard things. The messy hard that wrings you out and leaves you exhausted. There isn’t anything I can say to fix their situation, but I can help with the effects of what they are going through. And you can help someone, too.  Be Practical When someone is […]

5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Struggling – Part 2

Knowing how to help someone who is going through something hard is challenging. We often feel like we say the wrong thing or don’t want to be a bother. So we do nothing. But doing nothing doesn’t help. The second post in a series, this is something you can really do and it makes such […]