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My All Time Favorite Books to Read & Give

Every one of these books is amazing!

Books just may be one of my love languages. See? I can’t even mention them without the influence of a great book! This week I am rounding up a list of some of my favorite books to read and give. And today is the list of some of my ALL-TIME favorites! Let me be clear, […]

It’s Time for Book Week!

I’m so excited to share some of my favorite books with you this week! Each day I will highlight a different category of books that I’ve loved reading and make for great gifts! Each day as the new post goes live the link below will be updated. You won’t want to miss these! Subscribe now to […]

4 Things I Learned this Fall

Every season teaches us something if we pay attention. What are you learning this fall?

Every season we spend a few moments reflecting on the things we’ve learned. Fall felt deep rather than wide, but it was so very good. I love the water. This is only half new as I’ve always known I love the water, but I discovered something new. It’s not only the ocean water. I took […]

Holiday Book Roundup

It’s no secret that I love books here at My Ink Dance. As the holidays draw closer, I want to share some of my favorite reads to share with your family,  to give as gifts, or just enjoy for yourself. Consider this What I Read, Christmas Edition! The Littlest Angel – A truly touching story […]

2 Steps to Gratitude (A Photo Challenge)

You can create a heart of gratitude in 2 easy steps! Don't miss this quick photo challenge!

It’s a busy week. Things to cook, house to clean, travel arrangements, people. Busy. But what if we stopped for just a minute? We can turn our heart around with just one choice, one click of the shutter. I love the lofty ideas of listing our blessings by the thousand, the picture perfect circle around […]

Do You See the Ordinary Graces?

It's easy to get lost in a sea of hard things. But look around. Do you see the Ordinary Graces?

It’s easy to walk through life and see all the hard things. The broken relationship. The lost job. The addiction. The illness. The hard things seem to scream for our attention, right in our face until it’s all we can see. But what if there are things all around us, ordinary things, that we just […]

The One Word to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary

We say it all the time, but what if this one word is making everything worse? My Ink Dance shares this one word and what you can do instead!

I caught myself today. Much like recently when I was brushing my teeth, except this time I was out for a walk. Even when I manage to be quiet, sometimes the thoughts run like that ticker at the bottom of the news screen, never-ending and lacking the substance you really need. Today the thoughts were […]

What I’ve Been Reading

It’s book time! I love finding great books, and this month was a perfect balance between page turning fiction and non-fiction that really makes you think.   I’ve shared my affinity for Charles Martin’s writing before, and this book was no exception. Engrossed in characters and a captivating story, I turned pages long into the […]

Are You Making the Wrong List?

The to-do list seems endless, a scroll of things to accomplish. But what if that's not the list you need?

I was brushing my teeth after a day. You know the one. Nothing goes as planned. You look around at the end and see dishes piled in the sink and you feel like you accomplished nothing. I started thinking about all the things I hadn’t done, but then something changed. I felt tired of the […]

What I Learned Through Labor

There are all kinds of labor and every one can teach us something. Don't miss these 5 things from My Ink Dance

Despite the fact that its been over 9 years since I’ve been in that position, and at the risk of alienating my 5 male readers I can finally wrap my head around things. I’m not sure what’s taken me so long, but the feelings have never fully left me. The emotions are so intense. More […]