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Can My Calling Really Be That Simple?

Ok, I know the other day when I wrote about your calling I said, the end. But the truth is it just doesn’t always seem that easy, does it? Four words made it sound so simple, but here we are, everyday, struggling to understand what it means. I get it. So what do we do? […]

Your Calling (in 4 Words)

Have you ever wondered if you’re where you’re supposed to be? I don’t mean at the right address (although I’ve been in that position plenty of times). I mean in life, in the grand, sweeping sense of purpose and direction and calling. Are my feet (and my heart) where they belong? The question rings loud […]

Why I Don’t Have A Bullet Journal

For a long time I didn’t set goals. Even in a sea of bullet journals and planners and New Year’s Resolutions I couldn’t find my way to concrete goals. Not because I didn’t know what I wanted, but because I was so afraid of putting them on paper and then failing. In many ways I […]

Trying to Catch Time

Every once in a while a scene on television completely opens my eyes the way a line in a favorite book does. Catching up on episodes of the season’s must watch show, This Is Us, I found one such moment all about time. And it left me wondering. Do you ever wonder where time goes? […]

What I’m Reading This Month

January is always a good book month for me. More time inside by the fire leaves me craving pages to turn. This month has been no exception. Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann — Lance is a man on a mission to uncover family secrets so his grandmother can find peace. Rese works hard to prove herself […]

Words with God on Seeking Direction

The following is a real conversation between me and God. And when I say conversation, it wasn’t audible. It was in a frustrated, timer policed journal session. There is no formula. No right or wrong. Just me and God for a few minutes. Writing is hard. Seriously. I love it, but I have no direction […]

10 Hidden Joys

I started the year full of anticipation, ready to see what my word of the year brought. January is like that, full of hope and dreams. When I chose JOY I didn’t know what it would look like. Grace was full of deep heart learning and somehow I thought JOY would be, well, more joyful. […]

Dear Internet (A Letter to the Void)

Dear Internet, I didn’t even think this was going to start as a letter. I just had a statement that kept reeling with every click and scroll and like. It was simple and complicated all at once, given my position. Yet, I found myself wanting to scream it at the top of my lungs over […]

When You Feel Lost

I’m 11 days in and I already feel lost. I purposely didn’t make resolutions, but I made bold declarations of JOY this year. As I write this it’s day 11 and I am not sure what I was talking about. I’ve been in a strange place. An unknowing place. Ironically, I originally typed unknown instead […]

When Life Feels Too Hard for Dreams

We see it all of the internet right now. What are your dreams for 2017? Dream big! What’s your word of the year? Set goals! You can have whatever you put your mind to! Except you can’t. With terminal illness on the horizon a person may only be able to dream about making it through […]