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Five Minute Friday…Grace

Now that my 31 days series is done, I’m enjoying the moment (or 5) to write my heart. I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Five minutes. One word. No editing. No rethinking. Just writing. Today’s word: Grace GO I’m writing for me today, and I’m not. I’ve been home for almost […]

Day 29, 30 & 31: No Pretty Bow

I’m ending my 31 days early. It’s my exhale. I’ve loved writing this series. It has been cathartic and built discipline. But these last few posts I had planned are not clicking. I’m wound tight trying to pull the ideas out and put them here for you. Then I remembered why I’m here. First, I […]

Day 28: Rose-Colored Glasses

I sit on the front steps and look down at my feet. The sun has set and I’m sitting here waiting for the dog. I’m in pajamas and it’s not even eight o’clock at night. I’ve yelled at my kids. Yes, the ones who have been home sick for a week. And it was something […]

Day 27: Waiting to Be Called

Some days I sit here ready to go. My fingers hit the keys and there is some connection between head and heart and hands as the words fly onto the screen faster than I can process them. Those days are rare. Inspiration is fickle. We have somehow gotten the great idea that we need to […]

Day 26: Glory in the Ordinary

Sometimes I’m torn. I see images and hear stories of people who give it all up. The house, the cars, the haircuts and the makeup, the first world. For what? For the third. And a part of me is jealous. There is a part of me that wants to give it all up and go. […]

Day 25: Together

My series for the month continues as I join up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Here’s the deal. Five minutes. One word. No editing. No rethinking. Just writing. Today’s word: Together GO I think I can count my friends on my fingers. I mean really good friends. Or just friends, actually. I haven’t […]

Day 24: Slipping Silently

We often think of drowning as a loud, splashy affair. That’s where we’re wrong. Drowning often happens without a single sound or a cry for help. I haven’t gone to church regularly in almost six years. There was no big falling out, no spiritual abuse, no change in belief. Life happened and I slipped under […]

Day 23: Looking for a Landing

The realization that my faith is old hit me hard. It has made me question myself and how to connect to my beliefs. It has made me doubt everything associated with what I believe. I’ve walked these stairs for so long, I’m not sure where the landing is. But I had to stop. (See, I […]

Day 22: Threadbare

Over the last three weeks, I’ve been working on dropping my shoulders, unclenching my fists, relaxing my jaw and breathing. As I’ve moved through letting go, fear, anger and beauty, I realized there’s another subject that leaves me tied in knots. And it was never meant to. I thought faith was supposed to feel like […]

Day 21: Choosing to Believe

To My Husband, I’m sorry I haven’t believed you. I have no right to distrust your word, yet I have time and again. You’ve spent almost two decades telling me I’m beautiful, and I haven’t always believed you. It really isn’t you, and I think you know that by now. That doesn’t make it fair, […]