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Day 15: Life on the Edge

I was looking him right in the eye, rambling on, spewing my anger out at him like venom, and this little, small voice whispered in my ear: “You know what time of the month it is, right?” Boy did that infuriate me. For the record, that small voice was not my husband. Although he has […]

Day 14: Perfectly Imperfect

I’m not a yes mom. I don’t calmly correct my children. I’m not sure if timeout is needed for them or for me. I do love deeply. Unfortunately, for me, the flip-side of that can be anger. Not even anger so much as emotion. But, if I’m being real, a lot of times it’s anger. […]

Day 13: Two Words

My husband runs out of the house at all hours. He’s missed holidays. He’s left shopping carts in the aisle and he has missed family events. He has disappeared for days during hurricanes and dug his way out in blizzards. Before you start thinking he has issues, let me tell you: he’s a volunteer in […]

Day 12: Three Words Whispered

I’m warning you. This post (and those to come) may change your perception of me. Are you ready for it? I get angry. No, really. (Those of you that know me well are probably laughing). I struggle with anger. I am so full of emotion and love, but the flip side of that is this […]

Day 11: Ordinary

If you’ve been reading along you know I’ve been writing a series this month. My planned post for today aligned perfectly with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Five minutes. One word. No editing. No rethinking. Just writing. Today’s word: Ordinary GO I have two butternut squash sitting on my counter. I love butternut squash. […]

Day 10: Fill, Release, Repeat

If you’ve been reading the 31 Days of Exhale series, you may think I’m crazy. And you may be right. I struggle with this. I struggle with my responses to life. I grip tight all that is wrong and try to strangle the life out of it. I grip tight all that is right and […]

Day 9: What Comes First?

Breathe out. Yes, start right here by breathing out. I need to, so I figured it would be good for all of us. Believing your are not enough can make things tricky in a marriage. Because he believed I was, or would be, so he said I do. But surely after all this time he […]

Day 8: When the Exhale Hurts

I remember when my grandfather was dying, although calling him my grandfather doesn’t capture it all. I spent more days with him than without, and for the record he wasn’t Grandpa, he was Papa. I was in my twenties and He had been sick for so long. He had struggled with health problems most of […]

Day 7: Take Me Away

Going deeper with our introduction to fear I’m going to jump right in. This is the big one for me. Death. But it’s not what you think. Here’s the thing. I know the cliff notes of what’s going to happen after I die, and I’m good with that. I’m not going to get all preachy, […]

Day 6: The Man in the Suit

I’ve come so far to let go of the past, present, future, and even dreams. I have to talk about the dark thief in the corner. The one that holds you against the wall by your throat. He talks in a low voice remarkably like my own, smiling the whole time. He enjoys watching me […]