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This is a place for you to discover extraordinary grace in ordinary life.

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Day 3: The Reality of the Now

Yesterday we talked about the value of letting go of the past. But that’s not the only thing that can keep our breath shallow and our knuckles white. The present can be pretty stifling in it’s own right. It starts out innocently enough. Getting my feet on the floor is never easy, but once I […]

Day 2: Put the Luggage Down

Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m carrying it. These heavy bulky suitcases. And they’re full. I mean sit on the suitcase just so I can zip it up kind of full. I walk around everyday lifting them, rolling them, dragging them, and I’m not even sure I know what’s in them anymore. I’ve stuffed so […]

Day 1: Why Exhale?

Sometimes I find that I’m holding air in the top of my lungs, never breathing all the way down to my belly. As life keeps piling on top of me I keep inhaling trying to push myself up from becoming a puddle under everything pressing in, pressing on, pressing down. Sometimes I feel that I […]

31 days…

Breathe in deep. Now breathe out deeper. Welcome to 31 days of exhale. I’m glad you’re here. Each day for the month of October I will be linking with The Nester writing a post on exhale. I’ll invite you in to walk with me as I learn to exhale with topics like Letting Go, Fear, […]

Five Minute Friday…True

This one has me written all over it! I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Five minutes. One word. No editing. No rethinking. Just writing. Today’s word: True GO It’s what I long for. I always have. TRUTH. The desire for it courses through my veins, hard pulsing in my ears. I’m […]

Where Do You Fit in Church?

I sat on the outside aisle taking it all in. The lights, the music, the lyrics. I was surrounded alone. Surrounded by people of like mind, of like faith, yet something in me couldn’t process it. I wasn’t struggling in my faith. I wasn’t having an emotional crisis. I was, I still am, fed up. […]

Picture Perfect

It’s out of focus, the picture on this blissful evening with my boy. Not in my mind though. In here it’s as sharp as it will ever be. Because next time it will have faded around the edges as I struggle to remember just how his hand felt in mine. I shouldn’t have used the […]

Five Minute Friday…She

Today I fought the urge to edit. I’ll confess I changed two sentences and took an extra minute. But I wrote and that’s what I’m here for.  I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Five minutes. One word. No editing. No rethinking. Just writing. Today’s word: She GO She stood across from […]

Five Ways to a Smile

I stood at the bus stop with my youngest as she danced and played in the driveway. She had wandered closer to the street than I wanted…for the fifth time. I growled. Not really, but my reprimand came out that way. I didn’t yell, but I sure didn’t smile. And I began to wonder how […]

The Battle You Never Heard

There was a battle in my house last night. A raging fight that left wounds, exposed weakness and left only one side victorious as the other sulked away only to rearm for the next round. You can’t see any of the wounds. They are covered deep under layers of smiles and “I’m fine” responses. But […]