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More than a Feeling

Never alone

Sometimes we need to remember, that lonely isn’t the same as alone.

Feelings are not facts. They are real, they are valid, but they are not always truth. When I stand in the middle of my day full of kids needing me, husband needing me, life needing me I can be surrounded by life and feel alone.

Have you been there?

Maybe it’s the long day with the kids. The one where you are counting down the hours until bedtime and you can’t handle one more “mama” or tiny hand reaching, begging to be picked up. Never alone, but so very alone.

Maybe it’s work that piles up around you. An email box full of people reaching out and a to-do list that only leaves you wondering if anyone even cares, really cares about you.

Maybe you really are spending time alone. Maybe you are in a house or a room or a car by yourself and you face each day and night with only your reflection to keep you company.

Life does that. It surrounds us. It sometimes suffocates us in meaningless contact where we know a person’s latest status or what the celebrity of the day is wearing (or not wearing), and we pay so much attention to all that can be known that we feel like we, ourselves, are unknown.

I’m here to tell you a fact, not a feeling.

The fact is you are not alone.

Neither am I.

A fact is true whether you believe it to be or not.

So I look through these words to your heart and tell you that you have a choice today. You can believe the fact or not, but it is no less real.

You are not alone.

You never will be.

I will never leave you nor forsake you

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  1. Enjoyed this post! I’m the mom who counts down the hours until bedtime. 🙂 Glad I found you thru Holly’S link up.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that we’re not alone! So glad you linked up with Coffee for Your Heart this week! XO

  3. It took me about 40 years to realize this fact. This is a beautiful post and thank you for the reminder and the encouragement, friend.

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