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Spring Cleaning for Your Heart…A Series

As we get ready to turn the calendar page we are filled with new things to do. It’s spring after all and that means it’s time to throw open the windows, get out the deep cleaning tools and the elbow grease.

There’s one spot forgotten on our spring cleaning checklists, and it happens to be the most important.

Our Hearts.


spring cleaning


It doesn’t matter how clean your house is if your heart is covered in cobwebs.

Take a journey with me as we focus on throwing open the windows of our hearts and looking for corners long forgotten. Each day I post I’ll add the link below, so everything is neat and tidy for you. Don’t miss this opportunity!

It doesn't matter how clean your house is if your heart is covered in cobwebs. Click To Tweet

Start today with this simple prayer:

Lord, I’m sorry I’ve overlooked my heart. Please help me open every part of myself up to your light so that we could work together to clean out the dust. I long for my heart to be open and clean before you. Thank you for making a way. Amen.

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Day 1 – Why Your Heart Needs a Good Spring Cleaning

Day 2 – It’s Time to Dig In and Dig Out

Day 3 – Assess the Situation

Day 4 – You Need to Decide What to Hold Onto

Day 5 – 5 Things to Remember Moving Forward

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