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Assess the Situation

Looking around the living room floor of my mind I am surrounded. There is stuff everywhere. Garbage mixed with forgotten gifts. Old, dirty laundry next to that special thing I had forgotten about. Clean, perfectly functional things that are covered in the cobwebs of neglect.

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When we’re cleaning something out, really deep cleaning, things often look worse before they look better. If we know that going in we can push through to something more beautiful. But the question covering every thought, every feeling is what now?

Now that we’ve dug out some of the mess that was hiding in our hearts what do we do with it?

The first thing to do is begin sorting things out. Maybe you spent some time thinking about the things deep in your heart. Maybe you wrote some things down. Maybe you haven’t done anything yet, but you want to.

I’m a pen and paper girl. There is something about the feel of writing something down that creates a more meaningful connection for me than typing or merely thinking about something. Maybe you doodle or draw. Do what works for you. Just do something.

Now that we've dug out some of the mess that was hiding in our hearts what do we do with it? Click To Tweet

Start with what you’ve dug out so far. Really think about things and break them up into categories. Much like the KEEP, DONATE, THROW AWAY of cleaning out your house, try putting your heart things into categories.

Be ruthless and thorough. Sort your clutter into one of the following categories: keep, trash or donate. Use AtticMaxx to organize what you keep.

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I’m looking at a few, but let me tell you….every single category will only be done with God’s help. Some of these are biggies, and I sure don’t have the strength to tackle them on my own.

  • FORGIVE: This is one I can’t shake. There are people I need to forgive. I’ve been holding little offenses against people without even realizing it. The freedom that comes from forgiveness is one of the most cleansing gifts you can give yourself.
I've been holding little offenses against people without even realizing it. Click To Tweet
  • TREASURES: These are gifts or special things I found that I forgot about. Quite honestly, I forgot that I’m a good leader. Now that I’ve uncovered that I need to ask God what to do with it. This is a beautifully scary category for me. But if I remember I don’t have to do anything with it in my own strength it is less overwhelming.
  • GET RID OF: There are definite things in my heart that I want to get rid of. I’ve mentioned before how anger is an issue for me. I don’t want to be an angry person anymore. Insecurity and fear have plagued me for as long as I can remember. I’m tired of them taking up residence in my heart. I’m ready for an eviction that only God can give. So this category, perhaps the most vulnerable, sensitive one for me, is all about giving it to God. I know these are too big for me to defeat on my own. It’s time my giants trembled because they have giants too. This is not my battle, but it is one I am deeply invested in.

As we look around and assess the situation, we don’t need to have all the answers. We just need to look honestly. We all have stuff that has been hidden for too long. And remember as you sit on the floor ready to put your head in your hands you are not sitting there alone.

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  1. I love this idea of spring cleaning for your heart. Get rid of that old, dusty stuff you’ve been holding on to for so long. Love it.

  2. joyce blundon

    ‘LOVE it.

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