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Do I Mean Anything?

I picked up the book excited to see where it would take me. After all, a book with the title Anything, well it has the power to do anything. Having read a bit about the author, Jennie Allen, I had visions of Africa and church plants, selling everything my family owns and hitting the mission field, adopting handfuls of children and building houses.


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A book that touts the statement, “God we will do anything. Anything.” That has great power and holds big possibilities.

I loved the book. It challenged me. It inspired me. It changed me. But more than anything it scared me.

I wasn’t scared of the big possibilities. I wasn’t scared of a big, dramatic calling. No, the thing that scared me most was a gentle whisper that echoed in the hallows of my core.

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It bounced off the walls of my heart shaking free fears I didn’t know I had. Sometimes the anything God is calling us to isn’t front page in the eyes of man. But even the smallest two line story is front page to Him.

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Am I willing to let go of notions of grandiose paths down dirt roads in Africa or inner-city alleys? Am I willing to be faithful in the things that I see as little but He sees in bold headlines? Am I willing to take a supporting role instead of the lead?

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God doesn’t see His work as small. He sees obedience and faithfulness on the same scale whether it’s grand gestures or minute details that go unnoticed by the world. For God it’s not the outcome that determines the value, it’s the heart going into it.

So, I’m becoming comfortable with this idea that my anything will look different from someone else. My anything may in fact be very small in the eyes of the world, even in my own eyes.

My days look fairly normal. They haven’t changed all that much since reading the book. I take care of my kids, I try to keep up with the house, I bring an occasional meal to someone who needs it or watch someone’s kids for them. I give the dollar to the homeless veteran by the highway or smile at someone bagging my groceries.

These are my little anythings. They may not yield big results, but it’s never been about the result, it’s about the heart.

Don’t miss this great book by Jennie Allen. You’ll be challenged in the most beautiful of ways. You can grab your copy here.

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