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When You Can’t Find the Starting Line

Sometimes we don’t start at the starting line. Sometimes there’s no gate lifted or shot ringing. Sometimes starting is just making the decision to move even if no one is there to cheer you on.

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Sometimes you need to make your own starting line.

I’ve been absent here. But something in me knows it’s time to start again. It’s a lot more exciting when there is fanfare, but that’s not how life works. There will be things we do in life that occur without a cheer or a facebook post or a tweet. There are things we need to do that involve all the same anticipation and fear as getting on the block, but not all the ceremony.

Sometimes the practice is more important than the race.

I usually try to get everything just so before I start. I think that if it is all perfect, then surely the race will be perfect as well. The only problem is that the race never starts.

And if the race never starts I never get anywhere.

I need to get somewhere. I don’t know where that is, but I’ll never find out if I don’t move.

What are you waiting to start? Stop looking for the starting line and just do something that moves you.

Newton was right about more than physical objects when he said “A body either remains at rest or continues to move unless acted upon by an external force.”

I’ve been at rest too long.

This is my outside force.

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