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Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

Day 8…Family Ties

Her eyes, his smile, her laugh, his sense of humor.

photo credit: Maree T Photography

photo credit: Maree T Photography

We pass down so many things through our family lines. Looks, personality traits, likes, dislikes. It’s all there.

But there’s something else there, too, that gets passed down.

I look at my mom and her mom. I wonder how far back we can trace this feeling of unworthiness. But the truth is, even one generation is too far.

Whether you love your family or you are working out your past they have a large role in how worthy you feel of love and beauty and joy. Let’s take a moment today and ask God to take care of anything in our family lines that hinder us from understanding our worthiness.

Dear God, please come and remove anything from our past and our family lines that keeps us from seeing ourselves the way you see us. Break off any ties that hold us back, and help us live in complete freedom to receive all the good things you have for us. Thank you God that you are bigger than any pieces of our past, and that you love us completely. Amen.

Find out more about this journey to believing that you are worthy by clicking on the link below.

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